23 April 2014

Alabama law graduate joins Ceres-La Salle FC

Philippine Azkal Jason Abbott Sabio made his first appearance as a member of the Ceres - La Salle Football Club in the team’s press conference in Bacolod City yesterday.
Sabio, a resident of Huntsville, Alabama who studied law at the University of Alabama and is a Bar passer after earning his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, cum laude, is looking forward to playing with Ceres – La Salle after joining the team on April 9.
The 27-year-old player who was born in Manila and grew up in the United States,  said at the press conference that he hopes to bring  his international experience to the team as he had previously played against players from North Korea, Turkmenistan and Chinese Taipei.
He played for the Philippine Azkals in 2011 but later took a leave in favor of his studies.
While he admitted being new to the team, he is getting to know his co-players also off the field.
Befriending teammates increases camaraderie as we learn from each other and is good for the team, Jason said, adding that while he recognizes the difficulty in playing against North Korea, Turkmenistan and Chinese Taipei, they stand a good chance if they play with the mindset of a team.
Ceres-La Salle FC, which will represent the Philippines in the AFC President’s Cup Group B qualifier, will face champion club teams from the three countries at Panaad Park and Stadium May 6-10.
“Being a part of Ceres-La Salle is like being part of one big family as we look out for each other, we motivate each other, we improve together, we lost together and we win together,” he further said.
Jason said it is easy to feel at home in Bacolod. “It is truly the City of Smiles, everyone is warm and inviting.”*AVDC

Visayan Daily Star

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