06 April 2014

Gallant Pinays settle for Second in Street Child World Cup

Karl Decena, InterAksyon.com

Team Philippines yielded a 1-nil result to host Brazil to settle for second place in the 2014 Street Child World Cup girls’ tournament finals on Sunday (Monday morning Philippine time) in Rio de Janeiro.
The result capped an impressive performance for the Filipinas, who swept their earlier matches against South Africa (9-nil), El Salvador (3-1), England (6-0), and Mozambique (1-nil) to reach the tournament final.
It also capped an impressive performance for Team Philippines, with its squad in the boys’ division reaching the quarterfinals but fell short to Pakistan in penalties.
Meanwhile, Tanzania clinched the boys’ tournament crown for the boys’ division after beating Burundi, 3-1.
The tournament, played in the same year as the FIFA World Cup, aims to gather street children around the world to have their voices and concerns heard through football.

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  1. I think it is quite ok that they placed second. THe Philippine public has a habit of expecting too much and getting butthurt if their expectations are not met which can lead to losing interest. Look at azkals example. People are tired of them lol