10 March 2014

Bacolod to host AFC President's Cup ?

Bacolod seems to be hosting one of the groups in AFC President's Cup group stage.

PFF National Champions Ceres FC from Bacolod will be representing Philippines.

The group stage matches are scheduled to start on May 1


  1. Hope not! That's one of the problems of the Philippines. Ang hilig mag host ng kung ano ano pero hindi naman kaya due to shit facilities and other issues. It's embarrassing!

    1. Nakapunta ka na ba sa Panaad? Puro ka shit because you always eat your shit Foreign boy!!!

  2. ^^ Bacolod's Panaad Stadium has hosted multiple international football events before, FYI. 2005 Southeast Asian Games, 2007 ASEAN Football Championship, 2010 Suzuki Cup and 2012 AFC Challenge Cup are just among those events. There's nothing "embarrassing" with Panaad Stadium. There's nothing "embarrassing" with hosting international events. But I respect your opinion.