02 March 2014

Azkals updates - Foreign based players and Ruben Doctora Jr

Foreign based players updates today :

Javier Patino played and scored two goals today for Buriram United when they won 3-0 in a Thai League Cup match.

Stephan Schröck - Was on bench when his club Eintracht Frankfurt won 2-1 in German league match

Roland Müller - played full match when his club Servette won 3-0 in Swiss league today.

Jerry Lucena - Played full match in Danish league today. Esbjerg won 1-0

All 4 players will be going to Dubai after playing league matches today.

Update Ruben Doctora Jr :

"stranded in KLIA (air port) no visa issued for trip to Dubai as of this time. will have to wait until tomorrow lunchtime."


  1. Can this be true? Pati-gol is being released by Buriram?.

  2. how can this be true , when he played today ?

  3. Javier was released by Buriram for the 5 March friendly as early as last week, responding on release request within the day.....

  4. Javier flies to Dubai today 3 March (2 days before match day) and flies back to Bangkok on 6 March (within 24 hours after end of match). He has plane tickets since last week

  5. But What about Doctora's Visa? What happened?

  6. He got his visa today and is on his way to Dubai now..

  7. Seems that Roland Müller is not going to Dubai ?