31 March 2012

UFL - Saturday`s matches - Global Fc win !

March 31, 2012

Kaya FC 1-5 Global FC
2:00 pm University of Makati (UMak)

Kaya starting line-up: Garmaroudi, Sabio, Anton Del Rosario, Beloya, Semblat, Romero, Burkey, Dagroh, Mallari, Omura, Moy

Kaya subs: Munoz, Rizaei, Armand Del Rosario, Camcam, Boley, Ubiam, Kigbu

Global starting line-up: Guisso, Bahadoran, Izo Elhabbib, De Murga, Kama, Basa, Juani Guirado, Etoundi, Barbaso, Hoshide, Reichelt

Global subs: Palami, Ayi, Ghasemi, Badz Elhabbib, Angel Guirado, Obiang, Maravilla

6 min 0-1 Valentine Kama (Global Fc)
9 min 1-1 Eric Dagroh (Kaya Fc)
25 min 1-2 Izo El Habbib (Global Fc)
1-3 Carli de Murga (Global Fc)

1-3 HT

1-4 Semblat (own goal)
1-5 Carli de Murga (Global FC)


Loyola Meralco Sparks FC 3-3 Phil. Air Force Phoenix FC
4:00 pm University of Makati (UMak)

Loyola Meralco Sparks starting line-up: Cuaresma, Ozaeta, Gonzales, Phil Younghusband, Dorlas, James Younghusband, Kim, Cortina, Jeong, Mark Hartmann

Loyola Meralco Sparks bench: Versario, Cutamora, Morallo, Elnar, Borja, Camara, Vorbeck

Philippine Air Force Phoenix starting line-up: Harold Bayona, Montillano, Jaugan, Tonog, Barsales, Mercado, Herbert Bayona, Araneta, Ballo-Allo, Jalsor Soriano, Bulaquina

Philippine Air Force Phoenix bench: Bela-Ong, Martin Doctora, Caligdong, Palmes, Tomodos, Bermejo, Benitez

1-0 Phil Younghusband
1-1 Ian Araneta
2-1 Mark Hartmann

2-1 HT

3-1 Phil Younghusband
3-2 Joebel Bermejo
3-3 Ian Araneta

Cebu Queen City United FC 4-1 Lions Meltique Beef FC
6:00 pm University of Makati (UMak)

4-1 FT


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  2. Palami on the bench? Wow. LOL

  3. yes, he has been on bench in many Global FC matches

  4. He should stick to managing. Its a disgrace to other good footballers out there who arent able to play in the UFL of various reasons.

    I thought de Murga was on his way home according to one of the news articles?

    1. In the contrary,, it's very nice to see that Palami is on the bench while his players are in the field,, the message in this gesture is "I am with you guys heart and soul"... that shows that he is enjoying football and his heart belongs to Fottball, let's be human and give the man the enjoyment,, he has done a lot for the Philippine football,,

    2. Meh!! Asa si Palami!!! He's a fatass who thinks he can still play competitive football and then registers himself with his own club as a player! It really shows that he has gotten big headed!!

  5. I think it is only Juani Guirado that is playing his last match today ? De Murga going home when UFL ends ?