31 March 2012

CFA gets new officers

By Cheska D. Geli
Saturday, March 31, 2012

THE general elections of the Cebu Football Association pushed through despite the risk of it being sanctioned by the Philippine Football Federation of declaring it null and void.

The election yesterday at the Sarrosa International allowed both regular and probationary members to vote.

The elections didn’t go smooth as planned with some football clubs contesting of procedure in the selection of the board’s list of voting members.

Originally, the board presented 25 voting members, saying only the 25 qualified in their criteria—having paid in full the membership fee, participated in the CFA-organized Aboitiz Cup and of being a member of good standing.

As the board was about to create the ad hoc committee for elections, a concern was raised by Queen City United representative Atty. Julius Entise regarding his group not making in the list and eventually questioned the validity of the voting criteria.

“We should determine first who are qualified to vote before creating a voting body,” Entise said.

CFA outgoing president Richard Montayre said that Queen City United is under Cebu Amateur Football Club and is the club’s official football team.

But CAFC member Raffy Musni stood up and said that in the last elections, QCU and CAFC had separate votes and questioned why they are singling out QCU this time.

This moved Entise to propose a motion declaring the CFA list of voting members null and that was unanimously voted by the body, 23-0.


As the next move was to set for the voting criteria, Entise opposed Montayre who was laying the criteria saying that the general assembly can replace the board as he referred to the by-laws.

Entise once again proposed another motion to allow all clubs present to vote.

Since it was also unanimously voted, 23-1, it disregarded the CFA voting criteria which meant even probationary members got the chance to vote.

From 25 voting members, it increased to 43 clubs.

And from the list of 28 nominees, only 20 accepted the nomination and among those who declined to run were Montayre and Eleazer Toledo.

The top five vote getters who are to serve four-year terms are Engr. Rodney Orale (32 votes), CAFC members Ricky Dakay (29), Musni (28), Glenn Quisido and Sacred Heart Ateneo de Cebu athletic director Rico Navarro who both got 27.

Nimrod Quiñones and Michael Veloso, Joey Herrera and University of San Jose-Recoletos also got elected to the board and will serve two-year terms.

Except for Engr. Orale, all the new officers were nominated by the Cebu Amateur Football Club.

Dakay, Musni and Quiñones have also served the CFA board in previous terms.

The new board will be given a month to elect the president and other committee head and to present the new budget before a congress and on May 1.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on April 01, 2012.

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