31 March 2012

PFF U23 - Cebu vs Iloilo

PFF Suzuki U23 National Cup: Qualifying Round Cebu FA vs Iloilo FA Aboitiz Field, Cebu City

"Meanwhile, the Cebu Football Association bowed to Iloilo Football Association, 1-0, in its home game in Suzuki Cup at the Aboitiz Sportsfield.

IFA’s Vincent Blancada banked a goal in the 64th minute.

CFA suffered its first loss in the tournament and now holds 1-1-1 win, loss and draw record. It was Iloilo’s first win after losing to Negros Occidental last week.

IFA will try to extend its win as it faces Leyte Football Association on Monday at Leyte Sportsfield."

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on April 01, 2012.


  1. Post news , results and match reports

  2. Iloilo - 1, Cebu - 0

  3. Thanks to Biscocho Haus for sponsoring the Iloilo Football team. You both make us, Ilonggos, proud.

  4. is the score final?

  5. proves to show that ilonggo (western visayas) football still dominates philippine football scene!

    1. This is only PFF U23. Do not generalize please

  6. Yes 0-1 FT score . Added Sun Star Cebu match report

  7. -iloilo rules in football since 1900
    -proven by the legendary BARCELONA illonggo striker ALCANTARA...shows what filipinos can actually do in FOOTBALL...sad to say the GOVERNMENt didnt really care...even before our fathers time.