09 May 2017

PFL Official website


PFL official website :



  1. There's hardly anything in it! No line ups, squad or player info, with little to no stats!!

    1. of course, you dikhead. do you think the league is profiting already? they probably only three people doing all of the content in there. be patient!

    2. Fuck you dumb ass!! Whether or not the league is profiting is besides the point!! But of course you wouldn't understand that! Its like the PFF website, only the odd press release once in a while.

      At the very least there should be line ups available! Its laziness and lack of professionalism!! You can even attribute the lack of manpower to that issue!

      Club licensing regulations aren't even being fully followed, there's issues with venues, fixture list was late... now you have a website that's also last minute and they can't even provide basic info. Yet this is suppose to be the professional era?!? Fuck off!!!

    3. you fuck off!!! so demanding...you can't even do shit!!

    4. again. very simple. the league, the pff and football generally in this country is A NOBODY. it's even likely that this PFL will crumble in the middle of the season due to lack of interest. you think those clubs are making money? you think the PFF has a lot of money? how many people do they have for this website? how many people do they have as PFL staff? do you know? yet all the requirements you're asking of the PFF requires a certain level of sophistication.

      besides, how did you know they're not doing their jobs? are you an insider? look at the PBA website. it's professional, there's stats, there's lots of info. because they can. it's not a question of laziness.

      unless of course you're a club owner, and you know a lot about this :D kiss kita diyan e. ahihihihi

    5. kahit copy paste man lang sa from a facebook post okay na.

  2. Company sponsors of the team are not supposed to profit, this is a form of advertisement for them, in return to supposed exposure of company's product to the public. My only worries are the lack of promotion.