14 January 2017

Roxy Dorlas Returns as Coach

“It’s always an honor to be back here. This is where I started.”
After a short spell at Global, Roxy Dorlas is back where he belongs. A member of the original roster of the Loyola Meralco Sparks, the former left back is returning as a member of new head coach Aris Caslib’s coaching staff.
“To be back with Meralco, the club that gave me the opportunity as a player, and now, to give me an opportunity as a coach — it’s just unbelievable,” he said with a smile.
Although his new role means his time on the pitch has come to a close, Roxy intimated his excitement at a fresh opportunity to learn under his longtime mentor.
“Knowing that coach Aris was going to be the head coach [was a huge factor]. I was a player under him for a long time. I spent 5 years with him at San Beda, and he also coached me when I was playing in the National Team,” he explained.
And given his experience working with the club’s new head coach, Dorlas is confident he will be learning the ropes of high level coaching from the best possible person.
“He’s just going to guide me on this new path. He’s just going to make me better and better. How he made me a better player, he’s going to make me a better coach as well,” he said.
Dorlas was among those overlooking the first day of tryouts last Wednesday, and given the massive turnout, it’s going to be a busy next few days for him, and the rest the coaching staff.
“There were a lot of players, that’s first,” he explained. “We had a list of 80 players and I’m sure that there were at least 70 players who showed up — a lot of potential. But of course, if you wanted to be part of Meralco, you have to have quality. We saw the quality of some of the players, we narrowed them down, and we’re going to have a harder selection part tomorrow.”

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