28 January 2017

Palami says planning is crucial to Azkals’ campaign


Philippine Azkals team manager Dan Palami said that extensive planning is essential if the Philippines is to be successful in the Asian Cup qualifiers.
The Azkals will play in Group F during the third round of games against Tajikis­tan, Nepal and Yemen in a home and away series that will kick off in March.

Palami is concerned with the frequent traveling that the team must endure in its bid to clinch a ticket to the final tournament.
“There’s going to be a lot of traveling again. That was the first impression that I had with the draw,” Palami said.
Palami explained that travel preparations would play a big factor in the outcome of their games in the competition.
“It (travel) is actually an important element in the preparations and in the game. When we had problems with the travel arrangements in the World Cup qualifiers, in some of the games it actually spelled the difference between playing well and playing mediocre,” he stated.
He stressed that they do not want to repeat the same mistakes they committed in the second round of the joint World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers last year.
“We need to plan and we need to make sure that we will be ready for it. This is a big chance for us to be part of the Asian Cup so we’ll make sure that we wont waste it,” he said.
Palami mentioned that they are studying the chance of holding friendly games in between qualifier matches to bolster the team’s capability.
The Philippines will open its campaign with a game against Nepal at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium in Manila on March 28 followed by a match in Tajikistan in June.
Palami said that their travel arrangements would begin this month.
“We are making the arrangements already and I am quite certain that knowing the lessons we had in the World Cup qualifiers, won’t make us repeat them again,” he concluded.


  1. Fitness level & stamina ng pmnt ang naging problema gaya sa homematch against Nokor after successful draw pagdating sa hometurf ng bahrain nasilat sila ng 2-0 tapos yung november 2nd leg home match ay nasilat naman sila ng Yemen. Wag muna mag tipid sa budget kahit makipag friendly muna sa malalakas na team B club or 2nd tier squads ng latin America or Europe..wag lagi makipag scrimmage sa nepal or papua new guinea

  2. I agree na kung pwede mga best players talaga ipadala considering that they fit to the system and automatically gel with their team mates dahil kung hindi naman mas mabuti pang mga role players (ma pa homegrown man sila) yung iba para to compliment the main scorers at aangat yung performance natin a tournament.

  3. Does everybody agrees with me that Palami got the "Napoleon complex"? Because, he's short and the way he talks, he always wants to present himself as the "boy genius" of Philippine football.

    1. You're only figuring that out now?!? Lol!! He's all talk and doesn't know when to shut up! He's a politician deep down. He tries t make things about him or at least make it look like he's the brains of everything. Case in point is his penchant for comingmout with all sorts of targets that arent even realistic.

      What's worse is that most people buy into his BS and continue to sing his praises albeit blindly. These are the same people blame others for the failures even though fatlami is more than deserving of the criticism, even to the point where he should be the sole person to blame.

    2. Thank you. Now I know I do not have to put weight on whatever he says. Unfortunately, he manages the MNT i.e. Dooley's boss, and that's a lot of power to have.

    3. First of all that isn't "power". Or at least it shouldn't be. Being the MNT team manager is a responsibility not some position to exert any type of power/control or whatever else to the point where you end up blabbering on like he does about how the team is gonna do this and that, reach this or that ranking or tournament or whatever. The team manager is suppose to be a role that's largely behind the scenes. You're seen but rarely heard. That's how it's suppose to be. But Fatlami loves being heard. He's very self centered!

      Second, him being Dooley's boss is also part of the problem. The head coach isn't suppose to answer directly to the team manager. The Philippines is probably the only case with that type of setup. This just gives Fatlami more fuel to continue blabbering on about anything and everything. It's a farce! Fatlami even registered that retarded azkals logo of his!