03 January 2017

Ceres Fc : New signings - Updated

Ceres Fc has signed new players before AFC Cup and Philippines Football League :

- Junior Munoz
- OJ Porteria
- Joshua Grommen
- Jason De Jong

- Kota Kawase (Japan) from Wollongong Wolves (Australia)
- Manuel "Super"Herrera (Spain)
- Fernando Rodriguez (Spain)

Following players have left the club :

- Marwin and Marvin Angeles
- Nate Burkey
- Jason Sabio
- Stephan Schröck
- Victorino Son
- Adrian Gallardo
- Val Kama
- Kim Sang-Min
-Yong- son Chan

Orman Okunaiya is new fitness trainer.

Foreign based players this upcoming season .

- Bienve
- Fernando Rodriguez
- Manuel "Super" Herrera
- Kota Kawase


  1. What about Gallardo,Bienve,Kim sang Min? are they going to stay with Ceres? Angeles Twins needs to sign-up with either Meralco Sparks or GAU. Sabio and Nate Burkey can go back to their former club Kaya Fc.

  2. LOL at OJ!! He leaves kaya for the want to play abroad but eventually ends up at ceres! LOL!

  3. They just signed Fernando Rodriguez ex-Sevilla fc

  4. I wanna see their 18 yr olds coming from their own youth system as mandated by AFC and PFF guidelines..

  5. They will be part of the team, but probably won't see any action on the pitch. on the 1st few years, as the team can sign up to 30 players max.

    1. I know, but that's what the home crowd wants to see..

    2. the club definitely would want products of their youth system to play for the senior team but what they need is to win. obviously, the odds with players already tested elsewhere are higher.
      these young talents (because they are still students) should focus on continuing to improve their skills and put on a show during intercollegiate events.
      their big future could be at another club but they might miss their window laying back and kissing so much management a$$, hoping to get that promotion.