21 September 2016

Philippines withdrew from AFC U-19 Women's Championship

Vietnam FA reporting that Philippines has withdrawn from AFC U-19 Women's Championship qualifiers.


AFC has also updated schedule in Vietnam without Philipppines

Philippines was scheduled to play qualifiers in Vietnam in November against Vietnam , Iran and India.

The reason for the withdrawal is not known yet.


  1. No budget. Plain and simple

  2. football should be co-ed. a team should be able to have both female and male members.

  3. Azkals lng ang nasa plano ng PFF at Palami kasi kaya wla silang pakialam sa mga Youth Teams kahit every year nasa last palagi ng group ng Southeast Asian Teams

  4. It should be very obvious that the PFF strategy (in both male and female soccer teams) is NOT to spend too much money on youth teams. Just enough to get FIFA funding.
    They are just hoping to look for soccer players around the globe with some Filipino connection. In D2, D3, any division in the USA, England and Germany, or even any youth player who did some soccer training in their own country. In other words, let the other countries train them and then we will try to convince them to play for the Azkals. Smart, ha!

  5. Well, in my opinion, this is a foolish-smart strategy. PFF should study the soccer strategy of Thailand, Vietnam, and the rest of Southeast Asia. They seems to have good youth soccer teams.

    Maybe FIFA funding money is going to the wrong pockets.

  6. Obviously "to the wrong pockets" as they all know most players coming from abroad wants to play badly for the national team and choose to spend from their own pocket as they say which leaves the management in savings mode (as you know what I mean) that's why the local homegrowns are overlooked especially if you ccome from a poor family even though you have a very good potential in making to the AFC level than rich kids whom are already ensured because some parents would secretly give monetary help to coaches and managements which in turn an "utang na loob" mentality from the coaches that they can never refuse. And then the cycle goes on and on every year..

  7. And Northern Mariana Islands have the balls even against Australia.