18 September 2016

Fiji wants more games

THE Philippines football team has confirmed an international match against Fiji however Fiji Football Association says playing only one match is not a good idea for them.
Fiji FA senior vice-president and national team director Tarunesh Reddy said they wanted to play many matches while on the tour.
"The soccer loving fans are worried about the national football ranking and hence we are working on getting more international matches for the team," Reddy said.
"Philippine wants to host us but only for one match. We do not want to go and play one match since it is every expensive.
"We want to play other teams as well."
In the latest  FIFA ranking, Fiji has climbed up eight places to 179 th position from 187. The side is also top six football country in the Oceania region.
"The ratings cannot be based only on one international match. There are other factors that contribute towards the ranking for a team," he added.
"Some of the factors that contributed towards our ranking includes OFC Nations Cup and the international match against Malaysia.
"This also applies to the other teams who are above us in the rankings no matter whether they had played or not."


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