11 September 2016

AFF U19 Championship : Philippines 1-2 Timor-Leste

AFF U19 Championship in Vietnam

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Philippines vs Timor-Leste

10 mins 0-1 Timor-Leste
37 mins 0-2 Timor-Leste
0-2 HT
75 mins 1-2 Philippines
1-2 FT

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  1. Awful defending by team Philippines and their players are too slow with players obviously not comfortable with their positions plus their fitness level is in peril when i saw the replay that Borlongan and genco both suffered leg cramps in the second half. Dan padernal lacks proper tactics IMHO as an AFC A License coach he should organize his team even more and his fullbacks are not pushing upwards when attacking while their central backs had a short guy in the person of Miller who stands less than 5'7. They always play long balls in the first half instead of build up play while their midfield is redundant in that stage. But again its the PFF fault overall...

  2. Our U19 team lacks the quality in midfield whose pace and vision are present. I bet many technical players are left in the country because size is "more important" and 'who you know" than pure talent for the coaching staff?