04 September 2016

AFC U-16 Women's Championship : Philippines 0-7 South Korea

Philippines 0-7 Korea Republic
Hyun Seul-gi (11’, 39’), Kim Hye-jeong (22’ pen), Cho Mi-jin (45’), Noh Heon-yeon (75’, 89’), Jang You-been (90+2’)
Referee: Wang Jia (China PR)


  1. Back to reality for our U16 Girls. Koreans played mostly with their homegrowns while Philippines got the core mostly from the United States. How long csn we sustain these Foreign based reliance?

    1. Until the money run out??

    2. Any other bright ideas instead of complaining? Got U16 girls - perhaps your daughter/s (if you have any), siblings, relatives, or friends of yours that play football you can recommend to PFF to represent us in AFC level?
      South Korea's football level is light years away from ours, better we put up a fight instead of not participating so we know where we currently stand at the moment, even if it means recruiting fil-am girls
      They might not have been born here or honed their skills here but they carry the flag for us, and you just sit up your ass there complaining of not having grassroots
      Perhaps you can start one yourself? If you think PFF is too slow, don't wait for them. Do something yourself

    3. We Filipinos lack patience that's why relying on foreign based players is our only option!!! But back home we lack long term program for the grassroots and always taking the shortcut to success (if it comes). Many coaches in the Philippines had quality homegrown players but was not picked by PFF coaching staff and managers due to their belief on "size does always matter" attitude. if only these girls given some international exposures and proper training facility then we don't need to many Foreign based Filipinos anymore.

    4. we lack in size - true, but you are dreaming to say their skill is at par with the foreign-based recruits. do you even go out? do you even watch local games and if you do, have you tried watching girls at their age competing abroad. i am not talking about select teams. i am talking about club football. the competition and coaching abroad is way, way high. fifa licensed vs local-albularyo coaching. tsss

    5. Timor Leste does makes shortcuts too by hiring Brazilian mercenaries, youth or senior level, but when it comes to the senior team they suck using the same team