30 January 2012

Former U-23 Azkal captain Matt Hartmann suspended indefinitely — PFF

Former Under-23 Philippine Men's National Football team captain Matthew Hartmann has been declared ineligible to join any incarnation of the Philippine team and has received a ban preventing him from being fielded by local clubs or organizations for an indefinite period of time, according to the Philippine Football Federation.

Hartmann was recently sent a letter by the PFF, informing him of the decision of the PFF Disciplinary Committee, based on a December 12, 2011 complaint filed against him.

The 22-year-old English-Filipino infamously left in the middle of the U-23 Azkals' Southeast Asia Games campaign last November in Jakarta, due to friction with head coach Hans Michael Weiss.

Prior to his departure, the Azkals dropped two matches, with Hartmann scoring an own goal in their opener against Vietnam.

After his return from Jakarta, Hartmann then got into a verbal confrontation during a tune-up with members of the De La Salle University men's varsity football team and their head coach Hans Smit.

Hartmann then signed with the UFL team Loyola Meralco Sparks for the 2012 season of the United Football League, but his suspension now leaves the club a man down.

It is not immediately known if Hartmann plans to appeal the suspension. - Adrian Dy/KBK, GMA News

GMA News


  1. Finally...a correct decision!!!

  2. A suspension was also given to AZKALS NT Manager DAN STEPHEN Palami!

    1. Please let this be true!!!!!

  3. can we see that suspension for the manager if there really is one?

    but in Matthew's case, VERY GOOD PFF! this is the right time to serve such decision. sometimes we have to harness our "azkals" so they know they're not above everyone.

  4. You guys are celebrating one day of suspension? Coz thats all palami got.