31 January 2012

Azkals squad for UAE training camp in UAE ?

Nothing official about Azkals training squad for UAE.

Here is my probable squad for the training camp :

Sacapano ,Pascual ,Gier , del Rosario , Gener , Barbaso , Jonsson, Carli,Sabio, Juan Luis Aldeguer Guirado ,Marwin Angeles ,James Y , Angel , Margarse , Moy , Joshua Beloya ,Ruben Doctora JR , Misagh , Phil Y , Nate Burkey and Ian Araneta

Only 21 players , I think Weiss will bring two more players

Im not expecting too many fil-foreigners will add the squad and uncertain if Weiss will bring U21 players to UAE or they will stay home preparing for Brunei tournament.

Dennis Cagara ? Signed new German club . Not going to UAE
Roland Müller ? No news that he will be going to UAE.
Simon Greatwich ? Vacation in Philippines , going home to USA ?
Chieffy Caligdong ? Injured
J. Christaens ? Injured
Manuell Ott ? No news that he will be going to UAE
Neil Etheridge ? Confirmed not going to UAE
Stephan Schröck, injured
Paul Mulders ? Confirmed not going to UAE
Jason de Jong ?
Jerry Lucena . Confirmed not going to UAE
Dennis Wolf . Probably not going to UAE

Comments ? Who should be in the squad for UAE ?


  1. What about De Jong?

  2. If he is released by his club , he will be in the squad. I have not read any news confirming he is going to UAE ?

  3. How about Lucena and Denis Wolf? Too be honest I don't think there will be any other Euro based players except Jonsson. I also think with that squad line-up (now even Chieffy missing)we won't have any chance to make a good performance in the AFC Challenge Cup. The team is too unexperienced and the Younghusbands can't be everywhere on the pitch. We would have a chance with our full and best squad....but North Korea and India are too strong and tough for us.....and they will do everything to get a spot for the AFC championship.....

  4. yEah.. we're screwed

  5. I believe my list of 21 players going to UAE is quite close to the final squad, could be one or two extra fil-foreigners.

  6. I don't think Angeles will go. I think he'll stay with the U-21's.

  7. then i guess it is time to develop the locals more....while we are waiting for the foreign base commitment to join the squad.