18 November 2011

SEA Games Futsal - Philippines lost both matches

The Indonesians, who were held to a disappointing 2-2 draw by Vietnam yesterday, put up a better performance this time round scoring the early lead in the second minute through Indra Purnomo before Hairul Ohorella then doubled the score a minute later.

The Philippines then pulled two quick goals by the ninth minute off Misagh Bahadoran and Edward Mallari as Ariel Zerrudo then gave the Philippines the lead for the first time three minutes later.

Hairul’s second goal of the afternoon and then another from Jaelani Ladjanibi put the score 4-3 to Indonesia. Ariel then put the Philippines on level terms with his second striker in 21st minute.

But Indonesia were quick to regroup as they then found the back of the net through Indra (22nd minute), Afif Tamimy (28th), Jealani (35th), Sayan Karmadi (37th) and Stefanus Home (40th) put them well on the way.

In the women’s division, Myanmar bounced back from their loss to Vietnam in the opener yesterday to beat the Philippines 6-3. The score at the end of the first half was 2-1 with Myanmar having to come back from a goal down after the Philippines had taken the lead in the fifth minute off Cristine Zacarias.

The Myanmar girls were in target through Khin Marlar Tun in the sixth minute and San San Maw four minutes later. Immediately after the break, Myanmar turned on the power for Khin Marlar to complete his hat trick with goals in the 26th and 38th minute.

San San the added another goal on 27th minute as Aye Nandar Hlaing then completed the round with the sixth goal two minutes to the end.

A late rally from the Philippines off Karla Pacifidor (37th minute) and Jocelyn Guico (40th) failed to change the inevitable.

Philippines managed to score only once in the second half through Misagh in the 24th minute.

19/11/2011 THAILAND vs VIETNAM (Women) 1000hrs



MYANMAR vs MALAYSIA (Men) 1800hrs



  1. No surprise there.... typical of our football teams.... always fades in the second half!

  2. not only that...key here is preparation.
    6 months of training while the other countries prepare 2 years in advance.