19 June 2011

Wednesday : Azkals 0-4 FC Ingolstadt

Philippines will play FC Ingolstadt (First team) on Wednesday in Gerolfing . The match was previously scheduled for Monday but moved to Wednesday

FC Ingolstadt play in German 2nd league.

Fc Ingolstadt website



  1. Ingolstadt II is still in vacation.

    Azkal plays against Ingolstadt I


  2. This will be the best game, espacally for Manuel Ott.

  3. There is a confusion with the date. Acc. to the Ingolstadt website, the game is on June 22nd:
    and Etheridge's tweet only mentions two training sessions tomorrow. Anybody can confirm the exact date?

  4. Thanks, updated now. Seems that they will play the match on Wednesday against the First team.
    Visit club website for maybe more news later.

  5. What's so confusing with the dates?!? It's been reported since June 12 in the local media that the match dates would be June 15, 17, 22 & 24!

    Let me guess, you've been going with schedule posted by PFSA?!? No wonder...

  6. The RP Nat. Team seems to get more support than Sri Lanka's. 6-1 aggregate.



  8. azkals lose 0-4 to FC Ingolstadt

  9. I was able to see the match in Gerolfing/Ingolstadt. Azkals tried their best but had no luck....Ingolstadt was probably the strongest opponent they have ever played. First goal was clear off-side (at least 3m). Neil had also not his best day (even he made some fine saves).........very unlucky he scored an own-goal as he wanted to kick the ball and the ball slidedover his foot and went inside the goal. The pitch was very wet as the match had to be interrupted for a while due to heavy rain falls....half time was 4-0. The 2nd half was better, Azkals came more determined from the break. Phil tried a lot and you really could see that he wanted to change the result.Also Chieffy was good. The defense stood better when Ali and Schröck came inside. Manuel Ott also did a solid performance. Angel tried best but no luck today. The defense had some problems again in the first half especially when the 2nd divion team played fast. Unfortunately the offense was not so powerful today (even some chances were created but were no big threaten for the Germand side goalkeeper). All in all a good match to learn from which will bring the players a step further and give them some experiances....also I guess the team were not yet at 1oo % and very tired from the hard training (like Ian said).

  10. Several things:

    That was an awesome own goal! It's on YouTube. Everyone check it out.

    Manny Ott, he sabotaged the team in support of Ingolstad. Big mistake for playing him.

    Did American Edson Buddle get any good shots in for Ingolstadt? Go Galaxy!

  11. Good result actually even its a loss. Few months ago the team was butchered by japanese students, so this is big steps allthough the team that played yesterday was different from the japanese tour, but many local players in the starting lineup. All in all good result.

  12. To anonymous:
    You said there was several things but only cited two things ya jerk!
    And how can you say that manny ott sold them out if you didnt even watch the match? Sick n tired of posers like you.

  13. to ClockWorks:

    Okay you want to get mathematical, 4 things:

    I heard Buddle ran circles around you guys. Something tells me you were there in person so you would know first hand...

    Yeah Manny Ott got a good pay-day for that match.

    Nice goal by the way. Put the Keeper up front! What's he doing in front of the net anyways? Pair him up with Caldongi or w/e his name is.

    And you said I wasn't there...how could you say that???? my heart was there...