25 June 2011

FIFA World Ranking June - Philippines down 3

FIFA World Rankings will be released on June 29 , but the website Football Rankings announced that Philippines will be dropping 3 to number 159 .

Sri Lanka will be dropping 2 to number 171.

Football Rankings


  1. It's interesting to see how we continue to drop when we're not playing any games.

  2. That's been said a lot before. Look up on how the rankings work then try doing the math yourself.

  3. You don't have to play to go up or down.
    Results from teams around you can change your position.

  4. FIFA rankings aren't very reliable...

    search for ELO rankings. they're better indicators of team standing in the world.

  5. Hi guy's is this the forum where we talk about the RP National Team? We should bench Taulava and put Casio at guard. and THAT my friends is how we'll beat Indonesia.

  6. 8.01 anonymous - we're talking football here and basketball has no ranking whatsoever.

    7.29 anonymous - ELO ratings are easy to quantify. FIFA rankings factor in performance of other countries, as what 11.24 anonymous said, aside from normal games played, won, lost and drew,so that's one big and serious tracking FIFA is doing. imagine that.