01 June 2011

Azkals to launch We Believe campaign

MUCH of the success that the Philippine National Football team is enjoying right now can be credited to the untiring efforts of the fans who have been constantly following the games and activities of the team.

To return the favor, the Azkals will launch a campaign on June 10. Dubbed “We Believe,” the campaign aims to bring the team closer to the fans and to make the public aware that the team’s victory is also the nation’s triumph.

“We promote unity. We want the fans to be united in celebrating the victory,” said Palami.

The idea will start with the Azkals but eventually Palami wants to include other Pinoy achievers—athletes, artists and even scientists—who triumphed in the country or internationally.

Its vision is to uplift the pride of the Filipinos and to inspire them to believe in what they can do for the country.

On June 10, in partnership with ABS-CBN, the team will join a fund-raising activity in the morning before holding a motorcade to Trinoma in the afternoon where the team will meet their avid supporters.

Concerts, football clinics and other programs will be part of the post- launching activities, which will be graced by members of the team.

As the goal is to unite Filipinos for the same cause, any support to the team will be acknowledged as well as any move aimed to generate support for the team.

“We wanted everyone to be part of the team in their own little way,” said team manager Palami.

Palami said the We Believe movement was inspired by the travels of the team, as wherever they go, the fans would take time to watch their training or request to meet their idols.

The team recently held a one-week team-building camp in Cebu and is set to meet the UFL All-Stars on June 5. They will leave for another training camp in Germany on June 12.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on June 02, 2011.


  1. More BS. There's too much of this pinoy pride type of preaching and yet there's hardly anything to proud of in the Philippines. Shit government, corruption everywhere, way overpopulated, too many idiots all over the place, sporting wise things like facilities are non-existent, etc. So again, all this "We Believe" stuff to promote the Filipino athlete and therefore to promote Philippine pride, ya total BS.

  2. and what are you doing to improve things?

  3. There's a saying, "When you blame, you look to the past and what cannot be undone. But when you accept responsibility, you look to the future and what can be done." So, which one are you?

    Don't criticize people who are doing what can and needs to be done. Change must start somewhere for things to improve.


  5. "talk mah lahwyerr"...

    LOL! Fucking wannabe gangster or whatever you're trying to be. Piss off!

    "and what are you doing to improve things?"

    Its simple, NOTHING! Why? Because I don't have to. Second, even if I tried it wouldn't matter anyway. There's just no more hope for the Philippines which makes all this Philippine pride preaching useless and contradictory!

    "Don't criticize people who are doing what can and needs to be done."

    And you think this Philippine pride preaching is a NEED?!?! LOL! Like You said, change must start from somewhere, but it doesn't start from preaching all this pinoy pride crap. Fix what needs to be fixed first before you preach all this pride and proud to be whatever BS!

    For the record, I have no problems with them trying to promote themselves especially since football does need further promotion. However, they shouldn't be go so far as to creating something such as this "we believe" BS and make it look like we've such great athletes or we're this really great nation when we're not!!

  6. I'm not at all surprised by your response because you obviously have a pessimistic attitude, thus a negative view of the Philippines.

    "We Believe" is a campaign to promote the team's mission of qualifying for the WC. No Philippine (and Southeast Asian) football team has ever reached the world's biggest event or ever come close to it because previous teams never believed it can be done.

    Throughout the national team's existence, I don't recall any campaign that promoted believing in the impossible. No one ever dared to because they were afraid to fail. Now, the Azkals dared to start something never done before and are risking everything. If the players don't try to believe in the impossible, then they have already failed. But if they don't fail, they they're not trying.

    In sum, "We Believe" is simply a marketing strategy to garner publicity and fan support. Nothing from this campaign implies preaching Pinoy Pride.

  7. You think I don't know that, that its about the national team and their supposed (unrealistic) quest to reach the World Cup or anything else. (Ya its never going to happen, LOL at you for going along with it as if we're ever going to qualify for the WC)

    But it also seems like you haven't read the article properly.

    Look at this: "Its vision is to uplift the pride of the Filipinos and to inspire them to believe in what they can do for the country."

    That right there is basically trying to promote pinoy pride. Like I've said, there's absolutely no problem in trying to further promote the game and the national team but they should keep it at that and not go over the top.

    As stated in the article: "The idea will start with the Azkals but eventually Palami wants to include other Pinoy achievers—athletes, artists and even scientists—who triumphed in the country or internationally."

    Palami should stick with the national team and not try to exaggerate it and include other sports and make it look like its the start of greatness for the Philippines or anything like that. By wanting to do so he's trying to preach/promote pinoy pride and all that shit. As I've been trying to say, its all contradictory because the Philippines isn't some great first world nation. Fix what needs to fixed first before trying to promote greatness, pride or anything like that.

    PS, Palami is really starting to get in way over his head! "We believe" campaign... LOL! As if they're gonna qualify for the World Cup!

  8. If you keep interpreting the "We Believe" campaign as a promotion of Pinoy Pride then I cannot help you. I think you're the only one who interprets it as such or a small minority who interprets it like you. I forwarded this same article to my Filipino and non-Filipino friends and asked for their opinion without hinting anything about Pinoy pride. Not one thought of it like you did.

    Unlike you and your negative mentality and pessimistic attitude, I believe that our team will do their very best to try and qualify for the WC. Do I think they'll make it? No, BUT I expect the team to take advantage of every opportunity given to them - win against the teams ranked lesser than us and hopefully pull off some upsets against teams ranked higher than us. In other words, I expect them to go past the 1st round. If after all the games we move up in rankings by breaking the 140 mark, then I'll be happy BUT not satisfied. This will show we're making progress.

    We may only have less than half of 1% of qualifying for the WC but as long as that chance exists, I hope the Azkals takes it.

  9. The UN Half Breed Squad should do well against Sri Lanka (bs)...except the Half Breeds lost to the home grown UFL all-stars. Isn't that some shit.

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