05 May 2018

From Global Cebu Manager Josef Malinay

To all Global Cebu FC fans and supporters:
This is to clarify some issues being raised in social media regarding the club.
To set the record straight, as early as December 2017, former CEO and owner Dan Palami ceased to be part of the team after Global Cebu FC was sold to Mr. Alvin Carranza.
This development was reported in several news outlets and online news portal, including an article written by Jack Biantan. The article also discussed plans for the club by Mr. Carranza.
And the management waited for Mr. Carranza’s instructions on how the club should proceed.
In January this year, The decision was made by the new owner who wrote to the Philippines Football League that the club will not participate this season.
Despite this, the team went on to fulfill its obligations to the Asian Football Confederation and the Philippines Football League. The management staff knew that reneging on our commitment to play in the AFC Cup would mean the Philippines would lose a spot in the prestigious club tournament in the continent as well as jeopardize the young PFL league that had just been set up. Also, we were aware of sanctions that may be imposed on the club for withdrawal in AFC. Our conscience would not allow this fate to befall on Philippine football, especially after all that we had accomplished in the past 8 years.
Despite the difference in the direction, the senior management of Global Cebu FC valiantly went on to honor all its existing commitments in both international and domestic leagues— except for the last game with Kaya FC, which we actually requested to be moved as we had just come from our AFC cup game in Bali.
since the start of this year, Global Cebu FC had to rely on the personal sacrifices of the players and the staff in order to survive. We personally solicited financial help and sponsorships from friends and long-time supporters of the club.We did all these for the love of the game… and all the while waiting for the new owner to change his stance.
As the manager of Global Cebu FC, I am putting this letter out to assure our fans that we have been doing our best to keep the team moving forward. That’s why it is very discouraging to hear about untruths/half-truths that are being spread about the club. Efforts to malign people who have done nothing BUT support the team will not bring any positive results for the club and for Philippine football, in general.
It is so easy to blame others and pass the buck to someone else. But our loyal fans who know the club so well and have stuck with us through these years know that this is not the Global Cebu FC way. So instead of divisiveness and negativity, I humbly ask you all, in behalf of the staff and the players, to unite and continue to support the club as we go through these very difficult times.
Thank you very much.
Josef Malinay



  1. A very brave act to bring the struggle of arguably the most important club for Philippine football to the public.

    But it also makes you wonder: If the current owner wanted to withdraw from the PFL after Palami left the club, could this also be for the same reason that Meralco and Ilocos withdrew from the league? Is the amateurism of the PFL and complete lack of direction, structure and stability in the league starting to annoy the club owners to the point that they want to completely cease operating?

    I think there is more behind the recent chaos in the past two years than what is coming to us via the media. And in my honest opinion, I strongly believe that this will be the last season of the PFL. A lot of changes need to be made for it to be saved in the end.

  2. Not all football focuses on PFL. Thos blogspot should have news on UAAP mens football champion. Or everything football in the Philippines.

  3. Look at the S-league(Singapore League). They are worst than our league in terms of fan support, at least we have Ceres, Global & now Kaya for Iloilo fans, not much international exposure kasi laglag agad sa mga int'l. competition like AFC Cup, pero yung clubs nila, nakaka attract ng mga big Singapore company to sponsor the clubs.

    Kung tutuusin yung Ceres exposed sila sa SEA audience tpos AFC Cup SEA champions pa sila, dapat naka attract na sila ng international company para mag sponsor sa kanila. Kahit yung Global FC, regular na sila sa AFC Cup. Bakit yung Singapore nilalangaw din yung league nila pero mga bigatin yung sponsors, tingin ko yung problem saten, either yung marketing or manager ng mga clubs. Anong meron sa mga clubs ng Singapore kung bakit nakaka attract sila ng sponsors na wala saten?

  4. yung sa Davao Aguilas nakakuha sila ng sponsor to shoulder the logistic expense - (Cebu Pacific) & to think na bago pa sila & nagsisimulang fan base, the club management/marketing people are doing it right.

    Yung mga local club natin na exposed sa
    international competition & doing well, bukod sa Yanson Ceres Liner, wala silang makuha na ibang sponsors abroad? Kilala na sila ng mga Indonesian, Singaporean & other SEA fans. anong ginagawa ng marketing people or kung sino man nag handle don. Kahit yata kulelat ng Singaporean club may bigatin na sponsor. PFL & club management people are lacking big time in terms of marketing. Kumuha sila ng marketing people na tulad nung sa Singapore, langaw yung league pero nakapag convince pa din sila ng mga sponsors.

  5. ang davao aguilas halos sobra sobra na ang sponsors pero ang global halos wla , ang owner lng bumubuhay.