19 May 2018

Ceres’ Martin Steuble to undergo disciplinary proceedings in PFL after remarks in AFC Cup

By Earl Averilla
Liga Futbol Inc. (LFI), the governing body of Philippines Football League, is about to commence proceedings that will lead to disciplinary sanctions towards Ceres Negros defender Martin Steuble.
This is in-line with the Azkal’s scathing remarks towards the local league in a post-match interview of Ceres Negros against Yangon United in Myanmar last Wednesday, May 16.
Speaking to FOX Sports PH after the Business of Football-Philippines event in Makati, Mr. Xavier shared the league’s stand regarding the contents of Steuble’s statements:
“It’s unfortunate that the player (Martin Steuble) had to make such remarks which, of course, affects the credibility and integrity of the league.
“Having said that, we have investigated this matter and we will definitely open disciplinary proceedings against the player hopefully next week.”
The incident happened after Ceres Negros was able to qualify for the AFC Cup Zonal Finals via aggregate despite going down 3-2 against hosts Yangon United in the second leg of the semis.
After the match the Bacolod-based club’s captain happened to be the one to give the interview on the sidelines immediately to give some thoughts on the game in which the particular statements were provided when asked about the preparation of the team.
That prompted the Ceres player to respond that the team’s preparation has been “terrible” and that they weren’t given support “at all” by the league and the federation.
He ended that the local league is a “big question mark” and that the AFC international (tournament) is what all they have and what they play for.
Ceres Nagros’ next match in the PFL is scheduled on May 23 at home against Davao Aguilas and this could affect Martin’s eligibility to play if the sanction has already been meted by the league’s disciplinary committee.


  1. The PFL penalizes a player for stating an opinion. Let's just put our heads in the sand and pretend that the league is not a question mark. The league is flourishing and this ingrate should be punished for his views.

    1. No empathy at all. Canned PR response. Steuble's remark is "unfortunate" for pointing out the elephant in the room.

      Why wont they ask him why he felt that way. No support at all may be a hyperbole or not but at least try to care and not just lower the morale even lower.

  2. Steuble's remarks are simply the hard truths which are often difficult to swallow.