13 May 2018

Another Global Cebu PFL match cancelled

 Adrian Stewart Co

MANILA – It appears that Global Cebu is still far from resolving its financial woes.
Another Philippines Football League match of the club had been cancelled, this time against Stallion Laguna slated Saturday night.The PFL informed them on Friday that it has granted Global’s request to reschedule the match, which should be held in Laguna, Stallion head coach Ernest Nierras told Panay News.
“It was unfortunate but we have to support each other through these hard times,” Nierras said. “We look forward to the PFL rescheduling the match. Now we have to focus on our next match.”
This is the second straight time Global requested for the postponement of an away match after admitting that it is not getting financial support from its new owner, Alvin Carranza.
Global “had to rely on the personal sacrifices of the players and the staff to survive,” the team said in a statement relative to the latest cancellation.
“We personally solicited financial help and sponsorships from friends and longtime supporters of the club.
“We were not supposed to participate this season but we cannot afford the Philippines to lose a spot in the prestigious club tournament in the continent as well as jeopardize the young PFL league that had just been set up.
“Also, we were aware of sanctions that may be imposed on the club for withdrawal in the AFC Cup. Our conscience would not allow this fate to befall on Philippine football, especially after all that we had accomplished in the past eight years.”
Global failed to attend its scheduled PFL match against Kaya Iloilo on May 2 at the Iloilo Sports Complex, citing financial woes.
Global Cebu FC is currently on last place in the standings with 1 point on one draw and five losses./PN


  1. If the PFF was really professional about this, this should have been counted as a forfeit on the part of Global Cebu. Instead they were soft and decided to just reschedule the fixture instead of punishing them by awarding a walkover (usually 3-0) to their opponents. I fully expect Global Cebu to fold and thus the league will end up folding as well. League is in complete shambles!

  2. where is fatlami??

  3. if they can no longer compete, then drop them. a five-team format will benefit everyone else. let's not be too concerned on the number of teams.