07 May 2018

AFF U16 Girls Championship : Philippines 0-3 Vietnam

At the Athletic Jaka Baring 1 Stadium, Vietnam walked away easy 3-0 winners over the Philippines in spite of the hard defensive work the latter put in the first half.
Vu Thi Hoa opened account in the 48th minutes as Dang Thanh Thao then added two more goals (51st and 80th minute) for the win.
“The rain affected play in the first half. But we recovered in the second half when the rain stopped,” said Vietnam head coach Nguyen Thi Mai Lan.
Added Philippines head coach Marielle Benitez: “We started well but we faltered in the second. We failed to make the semi-finals this year but we have picked up some good lessons.”
Following today’s results, Myanmar are at the top of Group A on better goals scored as against Vietnam. Both teams are on the same seven points after three matches.



  1. our forever learning experience excuse.

    1. It also proves that the Philippines is sh1t at football and can only make an impact if the team is filled with non homegrown players.

    2. Dont blame the homegrowns, blame the PFF.

    3. Not blaming them, just stating facts. And it's fact that the Philippines suck at football.

      The only way to be competitive is with the use of players that weren't produced locally.

  2. yes *always or go-to excuse. thanks.