25 August 2017

Fil-German Harry Föll get Azkals call-up

Fil-German Harry Föll (Hansa Rostock) has got a call-up for Azkals squad against Yemen on September 5



  1. Still relying of fil-foreign?
    Seems like locals development is not happening.
    The reality can be seen in sea games result.

    1. what development? if you saw the SEA Games, the quality of our college players are way behind Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia. if you want to see them develop, they should be able to play club football on a regular basis while studying. these Fil-Fors from Europe don't need a college diploma so they've been playing constantly. it's not a lack of skills or fitness, it's just the system that we actually expect our young players to develop as good as Fil-Fors when they have a totally different program especially at the youth and club reserves level.

  2. Talking about youth development programs, in the USA, families believed that a college education is more important than just playing soccer, so they go to school and not just play soccer all year round. Soccer players development is done through the NCAA Soccer programs of universities and colleges nationwide. Just look at the numbers of colleges as follows:
    205 Division 1 men's soccer programs
    212 Division 2 men's soccer programs
    451 Division 3 men's soccer programs
    With these large number of colleges and universities, we still will not consider the USA as a power house in U22 FIFA soccer competitions. It is all in the quality of coaches and the eye of coaches to pick the right players, i.e. quality and NOT quantity.