20 May 2016

Wanted: Higher-rated foe for Azkals


WITH the Philippine Azkals unable to find an opponent for a friendly match in the next international break, coach Thomas Dooley will hold a training camp for his expanded pool that will include Under-22 standouts in the first week of June.
The Azkals are preparing for the group stage of the prestigious AFF Suzuki Cup, which the country will host for the first time from Nov. 19 to 26 at Philippine Sports Stadium in Bulacan.
Dooley wanted to face an opponent ranked higher than the No. 115 Azkals during the international window, but the Philippine Football Federation said teams in the coach’s radar have already scheduled matches with other countries.

Syria was supposed to play the Azkals in the first week of June, but football officials of the war-torn country informed the PFF last month that it was no longer pursuing the match.
Azkals manager Dan Palami is looking at the positive side of the team’s predicament.
“At least, we can get a closer look at some fresh talent that could make an impact on the team,” said Palami.
The Azkals are setting their sights on a first Suzuki Cup crown, after three straight semifinal appearances, starting in 2010 in Vietnam.
PFF president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta earlier confirmed two friendly matches against Kyrgyzstan with the Azkals traveling to Bishkek for a game on Sept. 16.
The Azkals will host the second friendly in Manila on Nov. 9.

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  1. This is fucking lame!! They were unable to find an opponent because they're too fucking picky combined with their lack of initiative in trying arrange friendlies early. Their pickiness has stemmed from their arrogance of climbing the FIFA rankings which now sees the Philippines at 115.

    They've got a very short shortlist of opponents they want to play and they for the most part only want to play at home! Pathetic!

    And here's that arrogant fat ass Palami thinking that getting a closer look at "fresh talent" in some random training camp that doesn't lead to anything makes up for this. lol!

    The way things are going, it wouldn't be surprising if the friendlies against Kyrgyzstan in September and November will be the only friendlies of the year before the Suzuki Cup.

  2. And if we get to play with teams like Nepal pr Cambodia everyone's got a complaint one way or another saying we're not playing teams of our caliber like Vietnam or Bahrain
    But not having an opponent at all this June is the worst for PFF and fans alike
    WHAT THE POINT OF HAVING A TRAINING CAMP when they don't get to have a match?
    Absolute BS and waste of time and money
    PS Northern Mariana Islands men and womens team is having a training camp in PHILs this June
    Mind inviting them for a friendly?

    1. Playing against the likes of Nepal and Cambodia is depending on the situation. In 2014, we played Nepal twice both on non FIFA dates and it was the PFF that was invited rather the other way around so that was fine.

      If the PFF want to play higher rated/ranked nations, they need to be more proactive and send invites earlier, meaning a few months earlier! But they don't! And then they have this very short shortlist of opponents. If they can't get any of them they don't do anything at all! It's stupid to say the least!

      They could've tried Oman this around. They so far have nothing this coming FIFA window. Same thing with Palestine. They also could've tried Kazakhstan. They only have a friendly with China in China. Yet the PFF have limited themselves with Syria, Bahrain and Iraq and were only considering playing at home.

      Playing at home is all good since there's always a clamoring for them to play at home especially in the Visayas. But when trying to get higher rated/ranked opponents, more often than not especially since we're not the most fancied opponent around despite our ranking, we (the PFF) needs to go to them rather them coming to us to play.

  3. Looking forward our Azkals can find a foe already in preparation for their big games this late 2016. Good luck Pilipinas!

  4. FIFA ranking lng kasi habol ni Palami para marami sya sponsors at papasok dretso sa account nya at hindi sa PFF.

    1. Ano pa?!?! Ungas kasi yun si Palami!!! Me personally, I've always maintained that Palami is arrogant one way or the other!! But people keep buying into his BS! He's just into making himself look good. Even when he's not, he makes or at least tries to make the right noises but there's hardly any substance or foundation to what he says and is/wants to do!

    2. Palitan mo na si Palami mukhang mas magaling ka at mas mayaman sa kanhya hahahaha! Pwede din paalisin nlng natin sya as manager para balik tayo sa minnow days mukhangas masaya ka dun ehh hahahahaha

    3. Ulol!! Very typical! Perfect example of how people buy into BS such as that one of Palami's!!

      First, walang kinalaman ang wealth sa pagiging team manager!! Yan ang isang katarantadohan sa Philippine football or even in Philippine team sports in general!! Na brainwash ang mga tao sa idea na kailangan mayaman para maging team manager!!

      Second, walang sinasabi na mas magaling or whatever kay Palami. Public figure siya. Therefore he's there to be criticized when applicable!! And now is one those times!! Yung katarantadohang logic mo, parang sinasabi mo rin na kapag may nag kicriticize sa isang public figure katuland ng presidente, sinasabi na mas magaling siya kesa dun sa presidente at siya nalang dapat maging presidente..... kabobohan!!!!

      Finally, Palami being manager now has nothing to do with rise or the potential downfall of the national team!!! Let's face it, the national team's rise is largely, perhaps even solely down to the large number of foreign born and/or raised players. Tangalin mo si Palami bilang team manager ngayon, walang magbabago sa NT!!! Even before he came into the picture, it was already obvious that in order to change the fortunes of the MNT, more forien born/raised players needed to brought in! Palami didn't have to be team manager for that to happen or for that idea to be put on the table!!!

      Now you and your fellow deluded Palami worshipping coherts go do one!!!!

    4. I don't know where you stand pero halatang wala kang alam. Eto basagin ko isa isa ha.

      First, walang kinalaman ang wealth sa pagiging team manager!! - ulol! kung wala, eh di sana matagal na tayo succesful sa football. only when one individual nagtaya ng resources to bring in good coaches and professionalize the training (like allowances sa players, good accommodation, training camps, etc) kaya na encourage mga players natin mag seryoso din. and to inform you lang, personal expense yun before. only now na medyo subsidized na ng PFF but not everything. mostly sa managers pa rin. including managers of age groups natin.

      Second, walang sinasabi na mas magaling or whatever kay Palami. Public figure siya. Therefore he's there to be criticized when applicable!!- tama ka, we should criticize PFF and Palami WHEN applicable. pero mali assertions mo dito bok eh. halatang bobo at walang alam how protocols work. sinabi na ng PFF na matagal nang naka schedule with Syria but they backed out recently bec of problems sa bansa nila. ano gusto mo, pilitin natin?

      Finally, Palami being manager now has nothing to do with rise or the potential downfall of the national team!!! Let's face it, the national team's rise is largely, perhaps even solely down to the large number of foreign born and/or raised players.- alam mo, if you really follow the team, you can actually see the declining dependence on foreign players. now we see the likes of Aguinaldo, Bugas, Doctora, and a number of local based players given the chance to be part of MNT. you say alam na man ng lahat ang formula for the MNT to be successful? eh bakit 2010 lang naging resurgent ang football? tanga ka rin ano?

      so ikaw na nagmamagaling at sigurado akong wala namang mabuting naidudulot sa sports ng football. shut up ka na lang!!! hahaha