31 May 2016

No training camp for Azakls

PFF did not organize any friendlies for Azkals On FIFA match days in June.

A planned local training camp has now been cancelled because of AFC Cup matches and Singapore cup matches for Kaya, Ceres and Global Fc.


  1. More irony and stupidity from the PFF! It's never ending!!

    AFC Cup matches were last week. Singapore Cup matches were over the weekend! There are no local or international club fixtures involving Philippine sides during this FIFA window!!

    Having said that, a training camp is totally pointless when there are no meaningful matches involved. But that again falls on the PFF for being picky and arrogant!

    1. another neverending arrogant stupid comment.

    2. ^^Ahh a fatlami/pff cohort... there's a ton of them around as well.