19 May 2016

No friendlies for Azkals in June ?

No news about friendlies for Azkals in June .

One or two friendlies was scheduled for June , one of them was Bacolod going to host on June 7

PFF said that Syria was going to play Philippines in June , but they will be playing in King's Cup in Thailand in Early June.

PFF also said that Iraq and Bahrain has been invited but still no friendly has been confirmed.


  1. Ceres and Global, whose teams hold the majority of key azkals players, prefer participating in Singapore Cup this May 28-29 than assembling a team that will be the core of a friendly match
    June 7 friendly is highly unlikely
    I can't seem to understand why No one wants to play against Philippines, i mean fucking hell PHI is being singled out in Asia
    Weak inviting skills, PHI need to travel away or should PFF pay for the guests expenses? No one knows
    Teams like Myanmar and Thailand have minor tournaments and hosting, Philippines zero
    Pretty much this year will also be like last year = 2 friendly games to none at all

    1. Why Philippines can't joined in King's cup in Thailand

    2. Maybe they declined because they want home match

  2. AFC Cup for Ceres and Kaya and Singapore Cup for Global and Ceres next week.
    UFL is a having a break after Saturday's matches. Training camp for foreign based players and local based players except Ceres, Kaya and Global should start next week.
    They still got more than one week to prepare the whole team from May 30 until a friendly on June 7.

    1. Ceres vs South China - May 24 (Bacolod)
      Kaya vs JDT - May 25 (KL)
      Global vs nagaworld - May 28 (SIN)
      Ceres vs young lions - May 29 (SIN)
      Hope they can somehow arrange a friendly even outside FIFA match days

  3. No need friendly.
    Our ranking is the best for asean countries.
    We sure will AFF..

    1. Ranking doesn't truly evaluate one team
      PHI is still yet to beat Malaysia and Thailand winless against these teams for 25 and 44 years respectively
      Perhaps preparations in the likes of a friendly match could help?