15 January 2015

Jason de Jong Dropped by Global, UFL Reveals Full List of Dropped Players

The United Football League’s January 14 deadline for dropping players before the start of the UFL League has passed, and the lists submitted by the clubs have revealed some interesting departures. Teams now have until the end of Wednesday, January 21, to add players to their rosters.
The biggest development of the entire tranfer window is undoubtedly Global’s decision to release Jason de Jong, who was crowned the MVP in the club’s League-winning campaign in 2014. Joining him are eight other players, with Milad Behgandom, German Rodriguez, and long-time defender Delon Patrick Yao the other big names to be shown the door.
Jin Ho Kim, who was crucial in Ceres-La Salle’s triumphant campaign in the recently concluded FA League Cup, has suprisingly been released, along with two others for the Bacolod powerhouse. Loyola Meralco Sparks have decided to enter the League without the services of Baba Sampana and Samuel Bonney, who contributed heavily in the club’s run to winning the UFL Cup last season.
Other big name departures are Raymark Fernandez (Green Archers United), Emmanuel Mbata (Kaya), Arnel Amita and Ref Cuaresma (Manila Jeepney), Shayan Jafary Dastjerdi and Yi Young Park (Pachanga Diliman), and Nathan Alquiros, Matthew Nierras, and Ousseynou Diop (Stallion).
Players labeled “Not Free to Sign” are individuals still under contract with the club that released them, and may not sign with any other organization without the parent club’s consent. The most common reasons for being labeled as such include injury, or participation in either the UAAP or NCAA football tournaments. Players with live contracts who have been dropped may be loaned to another club for a specific period.
UFL fans won’t have to wait long to find out where the available players will end up, as updated rosters will be revealed by January 22.
Please find below the list of players dropped by their respective clubs as per the 14 January 2015 deadline:
1. CAPOLEI, Kevin Umberto (14-0382) – Not free to sign
2. KIM, Jin Ho (14-0403) – Not free to sign
3. MARTINEZ DE MURGA (14-0387) – Not free to sign
1. ALI, Mahmoud (14-0210)
2. BEHGANDOM, Milad (14-0189)
3. BORLONGAN, Jeremiah (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
4. BUGAS, Paolo (14-0201) – Not free to sign
5. BRIONES, Edgar Ramon (14-0200)
6. DE JONG, Jason Nicolas Maria (14-0172) – Not free to sign
7. DELON, Patrick Yao (14-0187)
8. OCAÑA, Christian Felipe (14-0199)
9. RODRIGUEZ, German Edahi (14-0198)
1. ABALUNAN, Francis Jay (14-0354)
2. DIAMANTE, Derrico Gabriel (14-0339) – Not free to sign
3. FERNANDEZ, Raymark Kenneth (14-0364)
4. GARCIA, Diego Xavier (14-0342) – Not free to sign
5. KWEON, Dae Eun (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
6. LAYUMAS, Gerald Mark (14-0340) – Not free to sign
1. DEL ROSARIO, Dominic Liam (14-0060) – with PTC in favor of JP Voltes FC
2. MBATA, Ameachi Emmanuel (14-0065)
1. BONNEY, Samuel (14-0006)
ESPINOSA, William (14-0022)
MARENCO, Pedro Antonio (14-0021)
SAMPANA, Baba (14-0009)
SILITONGA, Reuben Raya (14-0020)
1. AMITA, Arnel (14-0265) – Not free to sign
2. CUBON, Reymart (14-0268) – Not free to sign
3. CUARESMA, Ref Delany (14-0376)
4. EBANDA, William Herve (14-0017)
5. FERRER, Nicolas (14-0261) – Not free to sign
6. GIGANTO, Eric Ben (14-0264) – Not free to sign
7. JURAO, Angelou Val (14-0262) – Not free to sign
8. MABANAG, Michael Jerremy (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster) – Not free to sign
9. MENZI,Michael (14-0423) – Not free to sign
10. SANGARE, Mamadou (14-0001)
11. VANDELLI, Nicolas Paul Renard (14-0004)
1. CLARINO, Randolfo Paolo (14-0313)
2. JAFARY DASTJERDI, Shayan (14-0321)
3. KHOSHGAVAR, Behrouz (14-0323)
4. MUROS, Niño (14-0327) – Not free to sign
5. PARK, Yi Young (14-0335) – Not free to sign
6. SAFARIAN SIAHMAZGI, Khosro (14-0329)
7. SALENGA, Paolo (14-0316)
8. SANTOS, Francisco Jose Primo (14-0318) – Not free to sign
9. VILLANUEVA, Nathaniel Ace (14-0328) – Not free to sign
1. JEON, Shin Seok (14-0181) – Not free to sign
2. NAM, Gi Won (14-0182) – Not free to sign
1. ALBIÑO, Joevic (14-0259)
2. ALQUIROS, Nathan (14-0271) – Not free to sign
3. CARRASCOSA, Angel Muñoz (14-0255)
4. DIOP, Ousseynou (not on the current Team Roster) – with PTC in favor of Green Archers United FC)
5. KIM, Dong Hyun (14-0249)
6. MUÑOZ, Wilson (14-0252)
7. NIERRAS, Matthew Erwin Thomas (14-0270) – Not free to sign
8. NUNES, Cicero Vieira Machado (14-0273)
9. SIM, Hong Bo (14-0310)
10. TAN, Andrew Antonio (14-0309) – Not free to sign
1. CALLES (ARGUELLES), Pablo (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
2. DINGLASAN, John Philip (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
3. JANG, Dong Hee (14-0412)
4. KIM, Tae Yun (14-0429)
5. KRAUSE, Federico Luis Otto (14-0232)
6. MEILAN, Ivan (14-0424)
7. PARK, Hae Bin (14-0410)
8. PARK, Kyul (14-0405)
9. TRIGO, Tomas Angel (14-0234)
10. YUHICO, Manuel Mateo Senen (14-0219)
1. BURDA, Stephen Juriel (14-0045)
2. DIBI TANO, Pascal Cedric (14-0041)
3. DIMAANO, Renz Matthew (14-0044)
4. SABRIDO, Ramel (14-0052)
5. SISSAKO, Mahamadou (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
6. VILLAREAL, Reynald (14-0046)
1. RICONALLA, Mike Kevin (14-0435)
2. YUVIENCO, Michael Rene (14-0295)
1. CAHILIG, Ariel (14-0109)
2. DIAZ, William (14-0090)
3. JONES, CHristopher (14-0089)
4. OBIANG, Alex (14-0099)
5. SERY, Remi Serge-Alain (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
6. VALEROSO, Mark Alvin (14-0102)
NOTE: Based on UFL League 2014 roster (players were dropped prior to FA League Cup 2014)
1. BAYEMEG, Simon Pierre
2. DIABYRA, Aboubacar
3. DUMAGAN, Paulie
4. FATEH, Hamed
5. GLACCIO, Reymart
6. JUANENGO, Patrick Jerome
7. MINYEM, Fils Steve Emmanuel
8. NEJAD SAFAVI, Peyman Cabarrus
9. PIERSON, Russel Anthony
10. RETUYA, Cynold Brett
11. SALIGAN, Benny Dick
12. TORRES, Jay


  1. Dropped pero may mga "not free to sign". Mga boplokz ampota!! Kung hindi pwede mag sign sa iba, bakit "dropped" sila in the first place?!?

    1. Magbasa ka ng ibang article para malaman mo bakit may "not free to sign". Hindi yung pabobo bobo kapang nalalaman diyan. Kasi may contract pa sila sa club na yun pero drinop lang sila sa squad ibig sabihin kapag sisign sila ng ibang club kailangan muna ng consent sa parent club.

    2. ^^Obviously may contract pa sila. Hind yun yung point!! Tangeh!

      Ang point ay bakit kailangan pa sila ilagay sa "dropped" list kung hindi naman sila "free to sign" for other clubs! Kapag sinabi mo "dropped" ang player, na release na sila at wala ng contract at affiliation sa club!!

    3. ^^^ galit si kuya! lol

  2. Who are JP Voltes FC?! Also whats with the other Div 2 clubs? Who is staying and who not?

    1. JP Voltes Fc is the new name of former Manila All-Japan.

      Dont know what happening with the other Div 2 clubs :
      Nomads, Union Int Manila , Dolphins , Navy , Air Force and Cimarron !
      Cimarron probably withdrew , same with Union Int Manila ?

    2. All might withdraw because of financial reasons. But who could replace them? You can't have a league with 5 teams!

  3. Nomads, Air Force , Navy , Union Int Manila , Cimarron seems to have withdrawn .
    Not sure about Dolphins.
    Teams in Div2 : Agila, Forza, Pasargad , JP Voltes and Laos. No news about any teams replacing.

    1. Mendiola FC Div2

    2. Mendiola FC will join Div 2 ?

  4. In my opinion this just shows that the league is growing. The financial requirements are getting higher the more professional it becomes and amateur teams don't have the capabilities to keep up with this. I guess we have reached that point where the amateur teams are slowly fading away from the spotlight unless they can professionalize themselves quickly.

    1. More money being thrown around doesn't necessarily mean growth! In the ufl's case, it doesn't!

      Facilities = lacking!
      Academies = non-existent (to be fair though, this isn't realistic anytime soon anyway)
      Refereeing = crap
      Club licensing = non-existent (if there was one the amateur clubs or the "random teams" should already be gone)
      Coaching = still very poor
      Football calendar = disjointed

      Overall the quality of football is still crap and the clubs that do have some money to spend only get it from a sugar daddy of some sort rather than money they've earned. Until you properly address all these, only then you can say the league is growing! Even then, the ufl isn't the way forward, there needs to be a more viable league to be the focal point of domestic football.

  5. Regarding the phrase "not fre to sign" is this only exclusive to UFL clubs? If im not mistaken de jong in already on the roster of a 3 div Belgian club.

  6. What happen to dibi tano pascal after his dropped?