13 January 2015

Filipino in Norwegian top division


Sverre Bjørkkjær , 18 y.o defender in squad for FK Haugesund in Norwegian top division.

Sverre was born in Philippines according to official club website.

He played for Norwegian U18 NT last year.


  1. I am surprised you didn't pick up on this earlier jonny since he is from your part of the world. Fortunately that english scout on usapang football mentioned him today before appearing in your blog. It would be helpful if you could scout the Scandinavian leagues for more players of Filipino descent in the top divisions.

  2. Anyways it is nice to have someone who can speak Norwegian who can translate his club website and other articles about him for us. Keep it up jonny.

  3. Like I always said, if the Philippines ever won the World Cup, Italians will buy Sarao Jeepneys instead of a Ferrari and the Germans will buy Sarao Jeepneys instead of a Mercedes Benz.....

  4. you are just saying it right? coz i don't remember someone saying we will win the world cup....

  5. Manalo muna ng World Cup bago suportahan... tangnang pag-iisip yan. Halatang glory hunter ang putang ina