18 November 2014

PFF books players for Hanoi

The Philippine Football Federation has booked the following players of the National Men’s Team for their flight to Vietnam. The team will be participating in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 to be held in Hanoi.
1. Robert James GIER

2. Juan Luis GUIRADO

3. James Joseph YOUNGHUSBAND

4. Manuel OTT


6. Philip James YOUNGHUSBAND

7. Daisuke SATO

8. Amani Manuel AGUINALDO

9. Patrick Phillip DEYTO

10. Christopher Robert GREATWICH

11. Martin Markus STEUBLE

12. Paul MULDERS

13. Simone ROTA

14. Simon Clive GREATWICH

15. Mark Andrew HARTMANN

16. Tomas Angel TRIGO

17. Curt-Jordan DIZON

18. Patrick REICHELT

19. Kenshiro Michael DANIELS

20. Jerry Ruben LUCENA


Team Officials:

22. Dan Stephen PALAMI (Team Manager)​
​23. Thomas Dennis DOOLEY (Head Coach)​

24. Sebastian STACHE (Assistant Coach)​

25. Jorge Andres TREVIÑO KURIYAMA (Goalkeeper Coach)​

26. Josef Mari MALINAY (Fitness Coach)​

27. Walfred JAVIER (Physiotherapist)​

28. Chester Benedict PELIÑO (Equipment Manager)​

29. Jaron GENOTA (Team Coordinator/Media Officer)​

30. Kevin CONEJOS (Masseur)​

31. Anton George SHEKER (Official Photographer)​


  1. Silva , Christiaens , Bugas and Otomo seem to be missing .

  2. Jeffrey Christiaens is injured.
    Alvaro Silva has not yet received Filipino passport

  3. jonny,
    Acc. to the Inquirer Silva has received his passport. The above list is incomplete. They are probably awaiting Silva's passport before making it official.

    1. This is the official list from PFF released this Tuesday
      I was in contact with Silva himself this weekend who said he was expecting his passport on Monday. I have DM him again to get some confirmation.

  4. Muller is also suppose to be part of the 22, but only one more slot is vacant... Silva or Muller? Surprising to see Villanueva in the squad as well, maybe he's the odd one out?

  5. Müller is not ready before a second leg in semifinal if Azkals qualify from group stage.