29 October 2014

Ceres players to miss Qatar friendlies

Jaelle Nevin Reyes

Ceres FC club director Ali Go says their club would not release Jeffrey Christiaens, Juani Guirado, Manny Ott and Patrick Reichelt for national team duty over what the team feels is an unhealthy schedule

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the upcoming preparations going into the Suzuki Cup on November, several national team booters playing for Ceres La Salle FC will have to miss the Qatar training camp due to their duties to their club.
As part of the build up of the Azkals ahead of their forthcoming tournament, the team management headed by Coach Thomas Dooley opted to hold a two-game training camp in Doha, Qatar in which they will face the Nepalese national team and Qatari club Al Ahli SC.
In line with this, the Azkals management has summoned 21 players, 5 coming from Ceres FC, to join the training camp.
But they'll be without Jeffrey Christiaens, Juani Guirado, Manny Ott and Patrick Reichelt. According to Ceres FC club director Ali Go says that their club would not be releasing its players for their national team duty due to the unhealthy schedule that it would pose for the players of their club.
“It's true that we did not release our players for the national team friendly in Qatar,” Go told Rappler in an interview. “The main reason is very obvious; the schedule is not good at all for the players.
“I think they have to think about the players’ health and recovery and also the club’s situation,” he added.
“If you’re trying to be professional we should start from the right schedule of games [because] recovery of players [is important].”
Ceres La Salle FC have qualified for the semis of the United Football League (UFL) FA League Cup after trouncing Stallion FC, 3-1, during the quarterfinals of the tournament. They are scheduled to face Pachanga Diliman FC for the semifinals on November 4th.
Meanwhile, coach Go stated that they already released Paul Mulders for the overseas training camp as he has yet to make his debut appearance for his new club.
Nevertheless, the club director emphasized that upon the end of the current UFL tournament, they will be prepared to release their players for their duties to the national team. – Rappler.com


  1. BOOOOOOO! Country over club, always. Pag nanalo azkals sa suzuki cup makikinabang ka din naman. Happy Fiesta po.

    1. It should be club AND country. There's a schedule for club matches. There's a schedule for national team matches.

  2. Talking about professional football schedules, in the EPL each team plays 38 games minimum. That's home and away, bus and train and plane rides. If you count the carling cup, fa cup, champions League, and Eufa cup, you reach as high as 60 games easy. Now count the caps, and we all know they have more friendlies and tournaments than the azkals, add 10 more games minimum. That's professional football for you.

    If you want football to get bigger in the Philippines, support your national team even when it hurts. The greater scheme of things is bigger than any cub, ufl, coach, or player. Global's manson got it, I wonder why a former national team player like Ali does not get it.

    1. Exactly. He was there. Therefore, he now knows which he will prioritize. Answer me this. Which has a bigger fan base; real madrid or spain, bayern munich or germany, manchester united or england?

    2. Exactly. He was there. Therefore, he now knows which he will prioritize. Answer me this. Which has a bigger fan base; real madrid or spain, bayern munich or germany, manchester united or england?

    3. The problem here is most do not support UFL clubs.
      Azkals have a bigger fan base..
      Also the azkals fans does not know that even for fifa dates friendlies, clubs can give instructions to the national team how many minutes their players should be playing..

      So problem is without proper clubs level players there will be no national team..
      Look at Thailand their clubs are so efficient.
      They are sending an U-23 mostly to Suzuki cup.
      @ what standing is our U-23??
      This shows clubs is there to develop the local football and how it will benefit the country in the long run..

      That is the reality for PFF whether you like it..
      Once the Azkals start dwindling down its back to square 1 for football.
      Ali Go is doing the correct thing.
      Clubs should play a bigger role developing football not PFF and their Azkals project which is a quick fix solution to glory..

      So please go ahead a curse and swear at my thinking..
      That is the best Azkals fans can do..

    4. So in a way, Ceres is actually helping the Azkals? That's the best your club can do...?

    5. they're helping philippine football. the azkals is just a part of that.

    6. which part, club or national?

    7. clubs and national team -> part of philippine football

  3. Ali Go is correct..
    Clubs pay players wages not the national team..
    Unless Palami willing to pay for the players clubs wages as well..
    PFF = Palami Football Federation..

  4. Who the f*** cares about palami? He can go help up maroons.

    I want my national team to win the suzuki cup so we can have another resurgence of football and more kids will play and maybe before I die we can play in the world cup finals.

    And I don't give a f*** who pays for whom or whatever. What's clear is that other clubs released their players while only one did not. Ali Go may be right in refusing, but he sure as hell ain't helping Philippine football in general. He's selfish and unpatriotic.

    1. "so we can have another resurgence of football and more kids will play"
      ang daming ngang batang naglaro. wala lang. naglaro lang. pinabayaan lang ng mga feeling expert. takot ba kayong ma expose yung skin niyo sa init ng araw? mag coach kayo kung magaling talaga kayo. di yung satsat lang ng satsat, wala namag naiambag sa football.

  5. obviously Ali Go does not know his priorities. a professional football player needs a much higher number of games than what UFL is offering now. he can always claim that, but obviously he is not correct.

    1. A player will have the same number of games if he drops 3 competetive club matches to play 3 experimental friendlies.

    2. Don't you get it? A lot of players quit our national team because of two reasons: one is Palami and two is about Dooley's illogical thinking and decision making.

    3. How is akzals game against Nepal considered a professional game??
      Is Nepal way better opponent then Azkals..

      Please stop farting just because you are an Azkals fans..

    4. you must be a ceres fans 03:51? can u stop farting too?

      03:37 is one of those inggit to palami..

    5. Inggit? Ikaw yata ang wlang alam sa mga nangyayari? Kulang ka sa impormasyon.

  6. You guys are so funny.

    No, a club cant instruct the national team to how many minutes a player should play. But they can indeed tell the national team how they feel about the situation, but in the end its the national teams management to do whatever they want to do.

    Ali Go is in his right to deny to release his players. Why? This isnt on the FIFA calendar. If it was, he would have no choice. Common guy, everyone who knows football should know about this.

    Playing against teams like Nepal and Papua New Guinea wont help the team get better. This is purely for pogi points on the FIFA ranking, which Palami and staff care alot for. I mean, bringing in Steuble and the other hot shots to play against minor teams? What a waste of resources and opportunity. They could field a decent team against Nepal with homegrown players, but that will never happen. Im sure if Schrock, Etheridge and the other players based abroad was eligible, they would bring them in and field them against Nepal. Whats the point in that? Like Lucena. The guy doesnt have the future ahead of him, but they still bring him in to play in meaningless friendlies.

    Everything they do is a quick fix. Nothing more.

    1. "wont help the team get better"? are you sure? how about cohesion? new formation/tactics?

      "palami only cares on fifa rank"? sure? he wastes his money for that? the match is also for good cause (doha philippine school).

      "not on fifa calendar", u are right, but can you always 100% arrange friendlies there, not always, if they can they will.

      "you guys are funny" how about you?

  7. let's say the club releases the players. will it guarantee that they will get the same intensity in training and play time compared to their club's standing? the answer is a "no".
    the current situation is actually good for the national team. instead of just 11-15 players getting enough play time, you'll get four more players exerting the same amount of effort. not on the same pitch at least but you get my point.
    by the way the finals is tomorrow so....

    1. they need cohesion.. "cohesion" on the bench sounds more like it. lol

  8. this is just stupid. when we were sticking to our lineup, everyone was bitc#ing why we don't give this and that a chance to prove himself on the pitch. now that the opportunity is there for him to move up, everyone is bitc#ing again. this time is because the "favorites" are not there. wtfff
    for goodness' sake! only 11 players are allowed on the field and there can be only 3-6 substitutes (depending on the prematch agreement).
    ali go and ceres are selfish? how about you? you are not even spending a single centavo on their club.
    ceres is spending way way WAY more compred to other clubs because they are based in bacolod. remember what happened to queen city?
    it's easy for you guys to talk s#it because you are just at home watching the game. you are not even that crazy enough about the national team to break something if the team loses.