01 June 2014

UFL - Div 2 Sunday - Ceres Fc div 2 champions ! Updated standings

13:45Manila Jeepney FC
Dolphins UnitedEmperador Stadium
CimarronEmperador Stadium
18:15Manila All-Japan
LaosEmperador Stadium
ForzaEmperador Stadium
1Ceres 20   51
2Manila Jeepney FC21   46
3Airforce fc21   44
4Laos21   36
5Manila All-Japan20   35
6Forza21   33
7Nomads21   30
8Union Internacional Manila21   25
9Agila20   23
10Navy21   21
11Dolphins United21   13
12Cimarron20   4

FT: Jeepney 10-1 Dolphins Scorers: Valeroso-17',43' Iliff-31',40',71' Giganto-47' Ferrer-53',73' Kouassi-63',75' Cooper-27'

FT: Ceres 5-1 Cimarron Goal Scorers: Samson Olaniyi-7 JH Kim-22',38' Marwin Angeles-41' Younousse Yaogo-84' Alvin Aranas-78'

FT: Manila All-Japan FC 3-1 Laos FC Goal Scorers: Rolly Lear-28' Yuta Nakagaito-51' Renand Mantua-76' Chichiro Noda-84'

HT: Phil Navy FC 0-3 Forza FC Goal Scorers: Dibi Pascal-15'19' Jangobah Johnson-28


  1. If Ceres wins then they are guaranteed promotion! Shouldn't be too hard against Cimarron who look like they will not take part in the UFL next season.

  2. Ceres Fc is already promoted ! Top two teams are promoted to Div 1 and Air Force cant get 48 points , only one match left for them.
    Ceres Fc win Div 2 if they win today, should not be any problem.
    Manila Jeepney leading 6-1 now, and playing Cimarron in last UFL match. They should be sure of promotion now.

  3. Ceres Fc , Div 2 Champions !

  4. Next years season will be extremely strong! Kaya, Global, Loyola, GAU, Pachanga, Stallions, Ceres and Jeepney make up more than half of the league and are fairly decent to good teams! Hopefully CQCU can make it to Div 1 one day, though they will prob just wait for the PFF premie League to kick off in 3 years.