21 June 2014

Azkals players looking for new clubs

Many foreign based Azkals players are looking for new clubs after they have been released by their former clubs :

Neil Etheridge (ex Fulham Fc ) : Injured goalkeeper Neil Etheridge is looking for a new club after been in Fulham's squad since 2006.

Paul Mulders (ex Cambuur Sc , Netherlands) : Was playing  just some few games for the Dutch club on a amateur contract . His contract expired after season finished.

Martin Steuble (ex Fc Wil , Switzerland) : Midfielder for Azkals. His contract was not renewed.

Juani Guirado (ex Burgos, Spain) : Burgos Fc website reported that they are not planning renewing his contract

Dennis Cagara (Lyngby, Denmark ) : His contract expired after season finished in June. Not known if  contract been renewed.


  1. Quote from English newspaper about Uruguay which might encourage young Filipino footballers:
    "How does this poor country still achieve results that are out of all proportion with the size of its population, just 3.3 million.
    It was the Swindon Town manager Sam Allen who first noticed when his team toured in 1912 that 'the level of football in and around the River Plate is of a very high level, and how on every corner of every street there were little games on rock hard dust pitches'.That side of Uruguayan football still exists with little dust pitches everywhere where kids learn to control the ball in tight spaces. Maybe somewhere in there lies the answer.

    1. "Maybe somewhere in there lies the answer." ???

      Let me guess, you want kids in the Philippines to start playing on rock hard dust pitches so they can supposedly learn to control the ball? lol!!

    2. Tell that to the beloved Palami..

    3. You tell that to the PFF. Palami only manages the senior team.

    4. PFF are puppets of Palami.
      everyone knows palami is the puppet master..

    5. bakit mga tao ayaw kay Palami?

    6. cguro inggit? gusto nila pwesto palami? d sila makapasok sa club or nt na manage nya? yang mga yan at ung nagsasabi ng 'fatlami' 'fartlami' etc i think iisa or may similarities sa possible reasons na nasabi ko...