01 June 2014

Azkals build-up expenses could reach P20M

THE preparation and participation of the Philippine Azkals in the just-concluded Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup in the Maldives came with a hefty price tag, according to Philippine Football Federation sources who declined to be identified.
Formed barely three months ago, the Azkals’ total expense for their Challenge Cup stint exceeded P10 million and could even reach P20 million once the final tab comes in, the source said.
“The air fare of the team alone to the Maldives was around P6 million,” said one source, who was tasked to monitor the team’s expenses. The squad handled by American coach Thomas Dooley flew directly from their training camp in Bahrain to the tournament site.
Another insider said the federation also had to periodically wire contingency funds to the squad in the resort island nation in the Indian Ocean “where the price of one can of regular Coke is nearly $5 (roughly P220).”
The Azkals also held a training camp in Qatar in April and played tune-up matches last March against the Malaysian national team in Kuala Lumpur and the Azerbaijan squad in Dubai last April as part of their build-up for the Challenge Cup.
The same sources added Dooley, a former US squad team captain and two-time World Cup veteran, received less than his predecessor, Michael Weiss, who reportedly had a monthly salary of 6,000 euros during his three-year tenure as Azkals coach.
The PFF hopes to offset part of the Azkals’ expenses from the local television broadcast of their matches, with ABS-CBN paying the federation P1.3 million for each televised match, or a total of P6.5 million for the five games they played in the Maldives.

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  1. All teams need funds for the build up may it be Challenge Cup or World Cup.

  2. This one thing that the government should consider, they are not just team, they are the Philippines, A way of shouting to the world that we can! We support Philippines Sport! At least they are transparent in all the expenses.

  3. If the Philippine government has no share in the expenses for the National Team specially in this case, then it is a shame and most disgusting.

  4. No it's not. There are more deserving needs of government funds than professional footballers. Until PFF is self supporting, these hugely expensive foreign training sessions before games - which top players never attend - must be replaced by training at home.

    1. Agree! This country has far bigger issues to invest in than in football!

    2. Ito yung logic na "di mo naman kailangan ng shampoo, mas importante pa din yung sabon."

      Alam niyo, kung yan ang logic natin eh buwagin na lahat ng national sports teams. Ibigay nlng natin sa mahihirap. Haha bobo logic

    3. This mentality that the country has bigger issues to invest than football is doom, stupid and idiotic.The Philippine government should give some share in any Filipino Sport representing the country especially if it is the National Team. And in general they should invest more in sports for the youth because it will divert the poor children from their poverty and from dugs and whatever foolishness they could think of.
      Typical Filipino crab mentality, only wanting the honor it brings but not willing to share to promote and for the expenses.

      Hindi lang ka bobohon ang logic na "the country has bigger issues to Invest" Katangahan at Kaignorantihan to the highest order. Idiots

  5. Yes, give to the poor