10 January 2014

Malditas endure delayed flights home as allegations of fraud rock team management

The Philippine national women’s football team had a lackluster campaign in the 2013 Southeast Asian Games last December, losing all of its matches to bow out of medal contention.
It was a disappointing result for the Malditas, who were pinning high hopes on their lineup composed of varsity players from the United States with Filipino lineage.
But according to some players, worse things happened outside the pitch. InterAksyon.com learned that some players had troubles getting to the Philippines and going back home due to the numerous delays in their flights, which were booked by Malditas coach Ernie Nierras.
Malditas midfielder Monika Lee shared on Twitter her flight delays back to the United States.
After the SEA Games, all the players went back to Manila, where US-based players boarded a plane going home. Lee left the Philippines on December 22, with layovers in Los Angeles and Miami before landing in Detroit, where her family lives nearby.
But she encountered a problem in the Los Angeles airport where she was barred from continuing her trip.
“And the fiasco CONTINUES. Stuck in LAX #MerryChristmas,” she wrote in a tweet last December 23.
In response to tweets, Lee said that the airport management had issues with the credit card used by Nierras to book her flight. “The credit card Ernie used was reported stolen. So I have no ticket and the agent said I’ll have to purchase my own,” she wrote in response to Malditas teammate Joana Houplin.
“It was news to me! I tried to check in & they told me the card was stolen & the name of the card didn’t match my coaches name,” she wrote in reply to a certain Adam Dury.
To avoid fraud, most airlines often require passengers to present the physical credit card used for booking flights. Cardholders who are not part of the trip, however, still need to present their cards to the ticketing office for verification prior to departure.
Lee’s mother, Nemone, also took to Twitter to share her frustration about the incident.
“I am so done with this! I just want my daughter home!!!! Never again. Hang in there,” she wrote in a tweet to Monika also on December 23.

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