26 February 2011

Villaflor: Frozen Azkals, anyone?

THERE’S this vision in my head that’s been playing over and over the past few days to the point of overkill: it’s one of Ian Araneta, clad in an ordinary away kit, suddenly freezing in mid-air while diving for a header, as his frost-bitten nose falls to the ground, distracting a horrified Mongolian goalkeeper, and so allowing the ball to graze the frozen Azkal’s head straight to the back of the net for an away goal.

Such a “vision” must have come from a dream—a good one for the Azkals and the fans, but a chilling nightmare for Araneta, who is suffering from a serious goal scoring drought.

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  1. I'm not underestimating the threat of extreme weather, but from a fictional point of view, that first paragraph made me laugh.

  2. Bobo naman ni Villaflor. Kung ano-ano nalang pinagrereport!

  3. Hahaha..good one. But its all good fun. I am still confident we are stronger than Mongolia. We will be stronger in that 2nd leg. lets hope no injuries to any players as there are so many already not playing..

  4. haha. finally araneta made a goal.lol.

    most critical i think in that kind of weather is how our goalkeeper performs since he is stationary most of the time. he would be the first one to get affected by the cold. the other players can generate body heat since they'll be running at least.