26 June 2010

Pages: From Cebu, footballers reflect on S. Africa

WITH 15 days left before The Final, I queried some of Cebu’s enthusiasts on the World Cup…
Bobby Aboitiz: “My favorites include Brazil, Spain, Portugal on the classic side and Germany, England on the structured style side. We may be surprised by South Korea and Japan. Still an open list to spot a winner.”

Pius Bett: “South Africa has been amazing. During the opening, many commented it was the most celebrated ever. I come from Kenya. Africans are very passionate about football. My picks to advance: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Netherlands and hopefully, Ghana.”

Totot Colina: “I stayed up the whole night watching Spain beat Chile. My team is Spain. I like their attacking style. Their goal is always to score, move forward. Japan and South Korea? Their qualifying is huge for Asia. This will boost football here. Japan was not expected to join the R of 16, with a bracket that included Cameroon. Finals? Spain v. Argentina.”

Ricky Dakay: “Japan and South Korea prove that football has gained immense popularity in this part of the world and the efforts to promote the sport are paying off. This also proves that given the average East Asian physique, football is a sport where we have the best chances to excel at. We Filipinos should take heed of this.”

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