17 June 2010

AFC Calls on Cebu FA to make amend statutes

AFC has asked the Cebu Football Association (CFA) to amend its statutes to move forward in Vision Philippines - Project Cebu.

AFC Vision team will only start looking at the organisation and administration of the CFA after the statutes are amended.

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  1. Statues?? haha!! It's STATUTES. What statue are they gonna amend? Statue of Lapu Lapu?!? haha! The PFF also needs to amend its statutes to be in line with the AFC.

    Anyway... so it's 17 June already. Where is this supposed "training camp" the national is suppose to have by this time?? I bet there is none! It's pointless as well to have one at this time!

  2. So funny... Or maybe not. The start of the training camp was June 16. Neil Etheridge is already in the Philippines, and has been there since June 13. He will be staying for 3 weeks. The LBC will have the All-Star match tomorrow, saturday, and im guessing that the training camp will be in Manila for now.

  3. Hindi naman ako nagpapatawa! I'm just laughing out loud. Statutes became statues.... How can you mix that up!? Para saan naman yung training camp? Ang labo, may training camp... will there be friendlies? if so against who? Very pointless at this point in time for it.

  4. Why would it be pointless? Its summer in Europe, all the leagues have a break, and players are available because of vacation. This time is ideal for the coach to bring in the foreign based players to Philippines and try and mold them into a well functioning team together with the local players. The coach wont get many chances before the qualifier in October to train his best players. The coach must use the limited time he has. I dont know about friendlies, i doubt there will be friendlies against other countries, but who knows. Usually they will play against local teams, which is OK. At least he will get to try the players in different positions, try different formations and plays. Training camp will be in Manila for now.