02 June 2010

Football action continues in World Cup Pilipinas

MANILA, Philippines – The football action in the first-ever World Cup Pilipinas (WCP), which spotlights the sport in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, continues in Pasay City.

The tournament, which began last weekend, continues on Saturday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (CCP) Bulwagang Ipil-Ipil grounds in Pasay City.

The 5 matches scheduled this weekend are: Philippines vs. Ivory Coast (9 a.m.); Sweden vs. Brazil at (9 a.m.), India vs. United States (2 p.m.), England vs Spain (2 p.m.), and Portugal vs the Netherlands (4 p.m.).

A total of 12 countries, including Sudan and Brazil, are participating in the WCP. The competition will run until the June 20 finals.

The Philippines is represented by the football club Sunken Garden United (SGU-FC).

The football club’s president, TJ Besa, said of last weekend’s matches on Facebook: “Furious action by all sides but brothers in football, all.”

The Philippines blanked the US (8-0), Ivory Coast beat Sudan (4-2), and Brazil defeated England, (2-0).

Inaugural tourney

In a recent “Mornings@ANC” interview, Besa said that the WCP was something he and his friends wanted to do since last year.

He said a friend from the Department of Foreign Affairs noted that the WCP would be great since there is a big expatriate community in the Philippines.

“I can safely say that this is the first time ever that there is an 11-a-side World Cup Pilipinas… It’s also the first time we're playing at the CCP,” said Besa.

SGU-FC Vice-President Vanessa Baltao noted that her team is composed of males and a few females. She mentioned that the members come from diverse walks of life, various countries and different religions.

Entrance is free to the WCP, which also holds free football clinics for children, beginners and enthusiasts.


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