26 June 2010

AFC recommendations for Cebu

Kuala Lumpur: AFC has recommended a few amendments in the Cebu Football Association (CFA) statues and has asked them to make the changes to take Vision Philippines-Project Cebu a step forward.

AFC has asked the CFA to delete Article 6 which deals with disqualification of membership and instead include the same in the CFA’s Disciplinary Code.

It has also suggested to remove Article 6.2 which gives powers to the president to impose penalties saying the powers to sanctions, fines and/or cautions should rest with the FA’s judicial bodies (Disciplinary and Appeals committees).

“An individual person cannot be given such powers, lest his decisions may be challenged by other parties,” AFC said in a letter.

AFC has asked CFA to come up with a practical solution with regards to period of the Congress. The current CFA statues state the same period of two months for sending proposals for the Congress and notice of the Congress.

“The time period for the notification of the Congress and the proposal of Congress is same – two months. By the time the members receive the notice of the Congress from CFA, the deadline to submit the proposal would have already passed.”

AFC has also asked the CFA to form an Appeals Committee to give access of appeal for the people who are sanctioned by the disciplinary committee.


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