19 February 2010

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I support our Men's Football National Team. Yes, despite its problems. But being objective about the Philippine Football Federation, these guys are a piece of work. It seems that almost everywhere you turn to these days even in sports agencies there are massive problems from wanton incompetence to corruption. The PFF... man. Moving on, in the picture above, I don't know how you can call a tourney successful when you drew the opposing side. And what they left off that article was how our national team lost 2-1 to a college team in Taipei (that had six national players) and hardly practiced for the match. In basketball, the nationals lost to a team of actors and the whole NSA blew up. I'm not trying to put the team down, but the PFF and whoever wrote this should be a little more accurate. They still have not addressed the issue of the Fil-fors flying in only before a tournament. Kinda hard to work on chemistry and teamwork when you only have half a team then the locals are relegated to the training pool.

And then there's this guy. There are rumors swirling about this guy but I won't get into that. But this statement I will. Evaluation of the Football Associations? Mr. Tsai, start with the PFF's backyard before you deign to begin this housecleaning of yours. And who are you? You show up all of a sudden or is it this long association you have with the NSA President. And "eliminate the bad grass?" That is an implied threat to those who have questioned your president and his lack of transparency and poor management. And there's that "God" statement. Please refrain from that especially in such a controversial sports association. It belies a messianic complex even if you allude to your success in life. I should remind you that in Nazi Germany, the Wehrmacht had inscribed on their belt buckles -- "Gott mit uns." Translated, that means, "God is with us."

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