21 February 2010

AFC Futsal - Philippines beaten by Vietnam

Philippines lost 1-4 to Vietnam is second match in AFC Futsal Championship qualifiers in Indonesia. Vietanm was leading 1-0 after first half.

Misagh Bahadoran scored for Philippines.

Match summary

Other results :

Indonesia - Myanmar 1-7
Malaysia - Cambodia 13-1

Last match tomorrow against Cambodia.


  1. :( This means, we don't qualify for the Asian Championships right?

    Anyway, hope they have a good game tomorrow :)

  2. Yes, no chance in qualifying now. Let`s hope they beat Cambodia :)

  3. Yeah hope so. :) Said they'd be coming back tomorrow already so I guess no chances to qualify for sure. :(

  4. They play last match at 6.30 pm today . I will post the result in my blog, hopefully with a win against Cambodia..