17 August 2009

Filipino Premier League

Filipino Premier League started with Manila (Luzon) league on 21. September 2008 when Philippine Army FC beat Pasargad 2-1.

8 teams competed in first part of FPL :Philippine Army FC , Pasargad, Mendiola United FC, Giligan`s FC, Ateneo , Arirang FC, Diliman FC and Union FC.

Results :


Philippine Army beat Giligan`s FC 2-0 in the final on 14. December.


Another video : Union FC - Giligan`s


Next step was a Visayas FPL scheduled for First quarter in 2009 and on Mindanao in Second quarter in 2009.

Nothing has yet happened and I doubt that it will be any FPL in Visayas and Mindanao in 2009 ?


  1. thanx Jonny, i wish we have FPL this year.No information?

    Jose( Argentina)

  2. I dont have any new info about FPL , I will update my blog when I get more news

  3. Hi Great info there do u have any info about if i could have a trial with any of the clubs