30 August 2009

Cebu football stakeholders call for unity, new programs

AMIDST turmoil in the Cebu Football Association (CFA), the CFA board’s goal is still to unite the whole football community in Cebu City.
After encountering problems with the resignation of three CFA officials—Manfred Schuwerk, Ricky Dakay and Raffy Musni—within the year and the financial issues, the CFA board plans to iron out the kinks and improve the system by listening to its members and answering the questions being raised.

“We have to go to the issues. Issues raised, issues answered,” said CFA board member Bro. Mari Aberasturi of what the board has to do to unite all the members of the CFA. “We must continue information dissemination and be open to suggestion.”
Despite some members’ distaste with the current CFA board, they also want unity between the officials and its members for the good of Cebu football.
“We are thankful for the changes. We must have teamwork between us (members) and them (CFA officials),” said Glenn Quisido, the president of the largest football club in Cebu, the Cebu Amateur Football Association.

Last Saturday, the new by-laws of the CFA were amended after 18 members agreed to it. Fourteen were against it because they thought they needed ample time to compare it to the old by-laws.
If the insurgent members of the CFA won in the voting, they would have passed a manifesto that would replace the current board because they don’t have confidence in the incumbent officials anymore.

On the other hand, the CFA has replaced the three board members with new officials who were voted by the board amongst themselves, a rule that was written in the old by-laws if a board member resigns.
The new officials of the CFA are Recarido Borgonia, Pia Monticon and Jim Carl Akiatan.


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