03 August 2009

Ex NT Coach Cutillas

On another matter, Cutillas said he has lost faith and confidence in the Philippine Football Federation leadership. But because of his love for the game, Cutillas mentioned he will not give up fighting to revive the sport here.

Cutillas recently submitted a proposal to PSC chairman Harry Angping to set up an academy of football, applying the blueprint of the Australian Institute of Sport. With his experience in Australian football as a coach, Cutillas said he is ready to spearhead a fresh campaign to train Filipino elite players within the age range of 17-21. The goal is to develop a core of outstanding and well-trained players for the national team.

“The academy will be a full-time commitment,” he said. “We want to quarter the players, take care of their nutrition and help in their education. Nothing is happening in football. We don’t hear what the PFF is doing. It’s a sad state of affairs. But we who love football won’t stand for this. We want to do something for football and I think the academy is a good way of bringing back interest and pride in the game.”


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