11 August 2009

Cebu Football - Aboitiz matches start Aug. 30

AFTER formally opening the 12th Aboitiz Football Cup with exhibition matches last Sunday, the anticipated regular season games will finally kick off on Aug. 30 at the Aboitiz Sports Field.
The Cebu Football Association will start official games of the season with matches between teams in the age groups.

On Aug. 29, CFA will be holding a general assembly for all the teams and clubs and they will be discussing theassociation’s bylaws. This will also serve as the first annual meeting of the CFA and its members.
The CFA is considering turning the Men’s Cup into a league, with the team with the highest points winning the title.
“We are going to reconsider because it depends on the number of teams. There are teams last year that are not joining,” said CFA official Adonis Quitoy.

Few teams
Quitoy said some teams suggested turning the tournament into a league because of the scarcity of the teams that have registered for this season of the annual Aboitiz Football Cup.
CFA president Richard Montayre and other officials of the association are sorting final details of the tournament, including the participation of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) football squads.
“We are inviting the five universities to join the Men’s League,” said Quitoy.
The five universities Quitoy is referring to are the Cesafi member schools, namely, the defending champions University of San Jose Recoletos, University of the Visayas, University of San Carlos, University of Cebu and University of Southern Philippines Foundation.
The CFA plans to start the Men’s League tournament as soon as the Cesafi season ends.


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