06 August 2018

AFF U16 : Timor-Leste 4-1 Philippines

In the meantime, Timor Leste completed their Group A fixtures with a 4-1 comeback win over the Philippines at the Joko Samudro Stadium.
It was the Philippines who went ahead first in the 22nd minute through Antoine Ortega before Timor Leste fought back in the second half.
Jaime Posquillo found the equaliser in the 44th minute and then Alto Da Cruz (51st minute), Osorio Da Costa (53rd minute) and Joel Gomez (55th minute).



  1. Wasak na wasak ang Pilipinas pero walang pakialam ang PFF kahit tayo ang team na with -27 GD at walang ni isang panalo nakuha sa torneyo na ito. Kawawang Pilipinas nakapag liderato tayo ng walang ailbi at inutil sa Football program. Ang bayan ko ay wala na bang pag asa?

  2. I heard that the posting below was censored and the guy who posted it was removed from "UsapangFootball". Anonymous, you can only post that opinion here at Filipinofootball.

    Post by amaspogi on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:07am
    "The Philippine youth soccer is the "Piñata" of our Asean neighbors. The PFF officials are all "grown up"s and should be smart enough to realize that things should be done to improve the prospects, but not doing anything. Instead they are heavily invested in recruiting half Filipinos from Europe.

    As they say, "Doing the same thing all over again and expect a different result is pure stupidity". My thinking is that, the PFF has to send a youth team to this tournaments to justify the FIFA funding money they are receiving.

    To send our young kids to a major tournament and be humiliated among their peers, in such a young stage will damage self confidence and self esteem which is needed later in life. The coaches are not affected, they got a free, all-expenses-paid trip. Forget about getting international playing experiences, this is pure BS. The kids wants a sense of accomplishment and success, a little bit of "bragging rights"."