05 August 2018

AFF U16 - Philippines 1-6 Vietnam

Today, Vietnam made short work of the Philippines with a 6-1 beating at the Joko Samudro Stadium while Myanmar came back to blast Cambodia 4-1 at the Gelora Sidoarjo.
“We needed to win this match for the decisive tie (against Myanmar) but the players should have done more with the chances were presented. Six goals were not good enough,” said Vietnam head coach Vu Hong Viet.
It took a while but Vietnam finally cracked open the Philippines defence through Hoang Van Thong in the 19th minute as Nguyen Quoc Hoang then doubled the advantage eight minutes later.
Vietnam finished the first half on top with a 3-0 lead following the third strike from Dinh Thanh Trung.
The Philippines came in stronger into the second half as they maintained defensive discipline before pulling a goal back in the 50th minute through Sandro Sison Reyes.
It was left to Quoc Hoang to make good on the chances Vietnam had and where he managed to complete his hat trick with goals in the 58th and 80th minute in between a goal from Ngoc Thanh (79th).



  1. Nakakahiya kayo PFF!!! Pabalik balik nlng ang pagtambak sa ating mga Youth teams!! Wla kayong ibang rason kundi 'experience' na naman ng ating kabataan!! Wlang utak ang mga tao na.nagpapatakbo sa PFF!!

  2. I just found out that "Usapang Football" is censoring all postings that are critical of the PFF on how it is handling the youth soccer program. All postings are censored by the manager "cjeagle". You CANNOT say anything bad about the PFF, the Azkals and even those half-Filipinos they are recruiting rather than the local Filipinos. The reasoning is that tondoboy/amaspogi is disrespectful and insulting to these half Filipino players.

    I have been following the posts of tondoboy/amaspogi, and what I could tell you that he is NOT disrespectful and insulting. He's simply stating the obvious, that the PFF is so concentrated in recruiting half Filipino players and NOT focusing on establishing a respectable, solid youth soccer program to help our youngster have a career in soccer and improve their lives. The performances of our youth teams were humiliating and embarrassing. This PFF quick fix is ruining the future of soccer in the Philippines. I believe tondoboy/amaspogi is a older Filipino, about 65-70 yrs. old and is a club soccer coach in San Diego, CA.
    Apparently, he is at odds with "Usapang Football" GM cjeagle, who may have censored his posting and later deleted his account.

  3. Isa lang ibig sabihin dyan. Ang nagpapatakbo ng usapangfootball ay aso ng PFF. Those people are ass-kissers and have self interest in PFF positions kaya dinedipensahan nila mga amp nilang incompetent .

  4. I am one of the moderators of usapangfootball. I have seen some harsh criticism of the PFF, the coaches and the players at that forum in the past, including by one of the moderators cjeagle. His comments has never been biased, and he can be very critical at times, but as far as I have seen he has also been respectful and insightful in his criticism. There are several moderators on that forum(the list is there to see) who enforce the rules of usapangfootball. From what I have seen from the rules, constructive insightful criticism is allowed and encouraged. I have seen and read this guy's(tondofootball) posts. He has been warned several times in the past and was surprised his account wasn't removed last year after receiving several warnings. Several regular members who were not moderators called for tondoboy's banning if I remember right and even contacted one of the moderators. After the most recent posts, describing our players as bunch of halfbreeds(which has the same derogatory connotation as calling a black guy 'nigger' in the US), enough is enough. cjeagle is vocal in the forum, when advising members about the rules of the forum, but I believe Usapang football(owner/manager) is the one who usually makes the decision to ban a member. I am a member of many soccer forums including the popular bigsoccer interational forums that is based in the US and I have seen members banned for less egregious behavior than has been demonstrated by tondoboy.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It looks like all the moderators of usapangfootball have all drunk the Koolaid. Even if the Philippine U16 loses to Timor-Leste, I caution everybody to make fun of the PFF and its management and the total neglect of the youth soccer program.

    3. I have read the comments of cjeagle on the U16 youth team forum. They have been very critical. I don't see any bias there. e.g. "Most every team in the AFF championship has trained for at least a month or more before competing in the AFF championship. The PFF only sent a team trained for 2 weeks and then expects them to be able to compete against kids who were trained in professional academies. Where is the sense in that?

      I thought that since they have now their own national team training center established to house and train their players better, that they would follow other countries and prepare their youth teams better, but it is more of the same. I have been calling for a national scouting system to be developed for years, but this simple solution seems to elude the powers that be at the PFF as well.

      Lack of organization, foresight and preparation continue to bedevil the leadership to this day and yet they expect their teams to get results. They shouldn't expect any different if they don't put in the work to make their teams competitive."

    4. If this tondoboy/amaspogi guy is a Filipino 65-70 yrs. old and is a club soccer coach in beautiful but expensive San Diego, CA., I do not think he will be politically correct and will give a damn if his account is deleted. He will say it the way he thinks just like my Filipino grandfather.

    5. You can say the same about Duterte with his crass comments about women, pushing people out of helicopters and hurling insults at the Pope, other world leaders, the EU and the UN. He doesn't give a damn either. It doesn't mean that his behavior should be condoned.

  5. ... Here's tondoboy/amaspogi posting right after the cjeagle's comment you mentioned:

    Post by amaspogi on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:07am
    "Come on man, we can always rationalize and explain why Philippine youth soccer is the "Piñata" of our Asean neighbors. The PFF officials are all "grown up"s and should be smart enough to realize that things should be done to improve the prospects, just like what you guys have suggested.

    As they say, "Doing the same thing all over again and expect a different result is pure stupidity". My thinking is that, the PFF has to send a team to this tournaments to justify the FIFA funding money they are receiving.

    To send our young kids to a major tournament and be humiliated among their peers, in such a young stage will damage self confidence and self esteem which is needed later in life. The coaches are not affected, they got a free, all-expenses-paid trip. Forget about getting international playing experiences, this is pure BS. The kids wants a sense of accomplishment and success, a little bit of "bragging rights"."

    I do not see any insulting comment, it looks like a simple opinion on the subject.

  6. Better to follow Filipinofootball's open discussion approach than to adopt an arbitrary moderation policy.